Thursday, July 14, 2005

Top 5 of my Favorite Brady Bunch episodes

Inspired by JBo and her love for all things Brady:

Top 5 favorite Brady Bunch episodes*:

*episodes, meaning, no 2-episode stories such as the Wild west or Hawaii cuz, DUH the Hawaii trip was the friggin' end all be all of Bradiness.

5. Mike installs a toll phone in the den. It is utterly ridiculous to think someone would try to do this, and honestly, how often does Cindy need to talk to her friend down the street?

4. Fighting over Trading stamps and how to use them. Okay, first off, I was watching the Bradys in the late 70s and honestly to this day have no idea what the hell trading stamps are anyway. The only stamps I know of are the ones you put on a letter and the ones that the nice woman in front of me hand the cashier at the store. Secondly, I hardly think a CARD TOWER contest is any way to settle anything. But what do I know? I thought it was cool when I was a kid, and didn't understand why my parents didn't do that more often with my brother and me. Mike Brady must've been drinking a lot of whisky in that 'office' of his.

3. Volcano Lava episode. I can't remember what happened in this episode exactly, but I do remember that someone (Bobby?) had a model he was working on for school of a volcano that spewed out lava all over Marcia and her cheerleader friends. Then my knack for sexual innuendo was born.

2. Amusement park mix-up. I never realized that architects kept their important blueprints in the exact same white containers as carnies put their cute bear posters in. Now I know.

and MY favorite Brady Bunch episode of all time:

1. UFO sighting! This is not the conventional favorite, but for me it was an epiphany of sorts. the idea was that Greg was pranking Peter and Bobby using a WHISTLE to sound like a UFO and using a Frisbee or something on wires in the backyard. Watching this as a kid, my brother and I were so amazed that there was such a whistle out there in existence that could emanate such a noise. We were excited, because we wanted THAT WHISTLE. What fun could be had by having a whistle that powerful!! Not soon after that did we realize the art of television trickery and learned the sound was dubbed in. Thus began my skepticism of TV I guess. But at any rate, the episode is hilarious, like Greg has the time in his busy Johnny Bravo schedule to come up with such an elaborate scheme that the FBI is actually called out to investigate!!

It's all just pork chops and applesauce I guess.

P.S. For all you Brady fans this site is extremely helpful: Brady episode guide


Circus Kelli said...

Woo! And don't forget the episode when Jan looses the locket or the "George Glass" one.

To this day, I can't think pork chops and applesauce without hearing Peter Brady say it in a fake Marlon Brando accent.

Wethyb said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog!

I used to love watching the Brady Bunch in sindication (sp?). Marsha Marsha Marsha!

Vajana said...

yes CK George Glass was almost on the top 5 but the volcano episode edged it out of the running.

Beth--Jan was so tormented. I hope in adulthood she has tamed her demons.

paintergirl said...

Ok-I love the volcano and ufo ones too. I will have to add the one with Davy Jones sings at the high school and when Greg and Marsha are learning how to drive.

J Bo said...

I thought for sure your favorite episode would be 'Oh my nose!' a la Marcia. I feel *so honored* that you wrote a post inspired by me!

Her's the story...of a lovely blogger....

J Bo said...

OK, it's *here's* the story....

my dog is barking at me to take him out for a poo right now.

dashababy said...

Funny what you said about the Hawaii episode... first I read and saw all the titles and thought "No Hawaii episode"!! Then I read the small print. lol @ "Duh, the Hawaii trip was the friggin' end all be all of Bradiness."
What was the one where they ended up at that ghost town? That was a good one.