Monday, July 25, 2005

Kids are alright

So it is Monday. This week is filled to the brim with activity, so stay tuned as I may not be blogging a lot. But if I don't, you can always entertain yourself by visiting here or here.

It was a pretty eventful weekend. Friday night, we actually had a babysitter! That makes twice in one week we had a babysitter without obligation. Unbelievable. The last time that happened was like, 2002. LP (that's my husband) and I went out for sushi. The caterpillar roll has been added to my list of things I will be serving when Rick Springfield finally decides to come over for dinner. Afterwards, we couldn't think of anything to do (that is why we haven't been on a 'date' since 2002!) but chose to go play darts. We met due to playing darts, which I have not posted about it yet. Anyway, I BEAT him 166-0 and that my friends never happens. Small victory for me, I can hold on to that for awhile at least.

We met up with our good friends Aaron and Phil, who are visiting from Arizona. They moved there a few years ago and have left us unentertained since. I haven't laughed that much in a long time.

The rest of the weekend was spent like a Lowe's commercial...installing ceiling fans, chipping off bathroom tile, steam cleaning carpets. And there was no Frank or Doug or Hildy helping ME out.

Today we are heading to the Magic House, which promises lots o' magic for us. Good times. Tomorrow I get to take a barium swallow, which gives my husband plenty of reasons to say the word 'swallow' over and over again...I am starting this week also transcribing for a psychatric hospital, my first 'real' job since I got my certificate, it will be fantastic. Thursday we are leaving for Holiday World, hooray!!! This place looks exactly like what Wally World was. Who says we can't have fun in the Midwest?? Right??? RIGHT???


Margaret said...

I am originally from St. Louis, and everytime I visit that wonderful city, we go to the Magic House and the Zoo.

Vajana said...

Margaret: Where about in STL are you from? I'm from the 'east side'! :) Magic House is so great, and our zoo is the best. We need to market our city better, it's a great place to visit. Thanks for stopping by!

Margaret said...

I grew up in Florissant (off New Halls Ferry and Lindberg), and graduated from Hazelwood Central. I left St. Louis in 1994 when I joined the Army, but I have no plans to move back.

I think it's nice for a visit, but not to stay.

Vajana said...

heh yes I agree, but unfortunately I'm under the 'stay' criteria. Oh well, maybe once my kids are older and gone to college I'll move elsewhere.

J Bo said...

Holiday World looks like a trip! And I noticed that they have free unlimited sodas! Like the rides aren't enough to keep your kids on a 'high'. :) Have fun!

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