Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Not that kind of roast

Every year my daughter's school has an annual fundraising auction. Last year, one of the things up for bid was a 'pig roast'. This consisted of people coming to your house, cooking a PIG, with all the fixins including beer, and you provide the good times.

last year about 20 families went in on it, and it was a fantastic time. This year we did the same.

Last year there were lap dances, chicken fights, and lots of crazy shenanigans.

This year it is on Saturday.

Last year they hired a babysitter to watch all the kids.

This year, it is NO KIDS ALLOWED.

I have already made up a contract for my husband to sign stating I will NOT clean up after his drunken ass, I will NOT think it is funny when he pees in the koi pond, and I will ABSOLUTELY NOT be making out with the other soccer moms.



Circus Kelli said...

It's a very good thing to get all the rules spelled out ahead of time.

Circus Kelli said...
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