Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Top 5 things I wanted to be when I grew up

*And understand, I'm still not grown up so who knows what is in my future!!

5. Psychologist contributor to "Teen" magazines. I thought this was such a great gig, answering the q/a column of a teen girl magazine, philosophizing on such things as, "Why doesn't he like me?" and "What should I do if he asks me to go down there?" and "What's this funky smell?"

4. Cartoon character voice. Totally inspired by Trixie. And Smurfette.

3. Writer. Well I can say I do this, if 'writer' includes to-do lists and signing my name on all my daughter's corrected math pages.

2. Mermaid. Still working on this one.

and the number 1 thing I wanted to be when I grew up:

1. Horror film makeup artist. This is thanks to having an older brother with a subscription to "Fangoria" magazine. I thought putting fake skin on people and turning them into Freddy Krueger was the coolest thing ever. Too bad I decided to go to college to get a psychology degree instead. I could've been the chick putting fake blood on Drew barrymore. Okay, well maybe I made the right choice.


paintergirl said...

Hey i forgot to comment on this earlier. You know, you will have to come to Coney island in the summer, because every year they have a parade of mermaids. Anyone can participate.
Being a horror make-up artist-very cool. Despite my zombie problems, horror films are great fun and it would be awesome to be a make-up artist. But ya know-we have the most important job right now. You have to love us-right?

J Bo said...

So, can you speak in those really high tones? I can do Marge Simpson's sisters' voice!

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