Thursday, July 21, 2005

Wang Chung

I couldn't paste the button either, so go check this out and let me know how you scored!!

80's lyrics quiz

If any of y'all miss #4, please, we need to talk.

Thanks to JBo for this!


OldHorsetailSnake said...

I don't know any of 'em except No. 9: "She blinded me with..."

The kind of two-fingered poke Moe used on the Three Stooges.

(You are right, Jana. T. Williams was indeed borned in Missouri.)

Vajana said...

Wonk wonk wonk. Or maybe she blinded me with a grapefruit in the face. Whatever it takes.

paintergirl said...

ok jana-I had to take this test. And I thought I was the 80's queen, I scored a 58. I suck!

Vajana said...

oh I bet you were distracted by your mom visiting or something...relax, have some wine and take it over again!!

Circus Kelli said...

I scored 43.5

Gag me with a spoon.

mrtl said...

Garsh I love me some 80's music! 110 baby! Thanks for sharing.

Pissy Britches said...

Oh hell. I love this!!!

I like a 56 or something.

song said...

i feel so young. and I still got some right. but I didn't spell colistas right :(

oh and to get the image link to work, copy and paste the html and then delete the spaces in the image url.

god I'm a dork.

Vajana said...

CK: well when I find a quiz about movie quotes I'm sure you will get them ALL right.

MRTL: Hey, it is my duty as a child of the 80s. Totally.

Pissy: It's alright, don't worry, be happy.

Song: I didn't capitalize Microwave Ovens (who does?) so i got that one wrong. And colistas? WTF?? I thought it said 'tequila' all this time. I'm the dork!!

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