Monday, March 30, 2009

Almost April!

Can anyone else believe it is almost April? 2009?!?!?

I was listening to the Sirius/XM 80s channel this morning with Rug, and "Heat of the Moment" came on. I told her, when I was 9, this song came out. The lyrics sang, "And now you find yourself in '82"...and I remembering thinking at the time, wow! Why did he write that, it will seem ridiculous in 1986 when he sings it!

And now it is 2009. Way past Y2K, way past Space Odyssey, certainly way super past Orwell's 1984.

But where are the flying cars darnit?


We have been surrounding ourselves with things this month that in no way correlate with one another.

The Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards were a very big deal here in our house. Seriously. Huge.

Then we bought the new Bond movie, Quantum Solace or whatever. LP and I watched it together, for two very, very different reasons. (Daniel Craig, OMG.)

(that was my teenage reaction to the man. He is hawt.)

Al has started IGI...or, the Catholic version of sex ed. She is 'like SO' embarrassed by the way I am acting about it, but fortunately for her, they are easing them into it, and the first days have consisted of how to deal with bullies. No diagrams of boy's plumbing as of yet, but she had it last year, so I know the worst is yet to come. Good times. LP just pretends he has a lot of important stuff to look at on his phone when we talk about it. You know, like Viagra ads and Youtube videos.

I have two items in my life that, on a normal blogging schedule, I would write separate posts about, but who knows if I will get to them. So, in hopes I have some time, please look forward to posts entitled:

Rug's New Teacher was Fired and How I Got into the Middle of a Shouting Match between the School Superintendent and the Teacher's Mom. (they were shouting, not me. I was just standing there.)

Rug has earned a Trip to Greece and It is Going to Deplete Our Savings Account!!!

Lastly, Mo bit it hard on some concrete stairs, and I think I have a picture of it. SHe loves telling people about the boo boo on her forehead. Loves it. well i can't find the pic, maybe next time!

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