Sunday, March 01, 2009

why thy blog has failed

Something happened to my laptop. All arrows point to the Instant Messenger thing my 6th grader has added to the computer, so she can 'LOL' and 'OMG' her Bff Jill. So, now i have all these computer certificate problems that I do not have the patience nor the brain power to full understand or deal with. Therefore, the laptop is used solely for the websites I can get to, which usually consists of and the Onion.

Lately it's gotten better at Facebook, and it has become my outlet. Which leads to the next reason my blog has failed.


Seriously. Now I have two jobs, and this new job is kicking me where it hurts. I have about 1/8 of a second on a daily basis to collect my thoughts outside of the MRIs and CTs and PET scans that I am listening to and typing. I can eke out 140 or so blurbs, but to be able to actively make up a post for a blog is near impossible.

I also have not been able to read as many blogs, due to above mentioned computer thingee. It never allows me to comment and that frustrates the hell outta me. So I read, but can never comment. I've become a 'lurker', and that is not something I like.

We have also gotten back to the task of putting this house back together. Just this weekend we were able to finish painting the basement, RE-paint all the areas where my 2-year-old drew on the walls...and put shelves up and a new DVD storage shelf so said 2-year-old cannot destroy every DVD we ever owned.

Oh yeah, that 2-year-old. She is defining the term. If I cannot see her, she is up to something. She shaved her pointer finger this weekend with my daughter's razor. Didn't even cry. Took me 25 minutes to stop the bleeding, took me 23 to get her to stay still so I could apply the pressure. She is one bundle of fun.

With that, I hope all is well. Send me a shout out so i can keep touch with all of you if anyone even comes here anymore.


kalki said...

Dear lord woman, you are BUSY. It's great to hear from you, though! And I read your Twitters (just don't write my own), so I still feel like I know what's going on with you.

Charlotte in Pa said...

Sorry about the computer problems. Sounds like it's time for a Mac to me. :-) I <3 mine! It was good to see you blog again... even if it was just a post about why you can't post anymore! :-)