Sunday, January 18, 2009

long week

it's been a very, very long few weeks. I think I am not the only one, from what I've read. My laptop crashed, so LP had to fix it and he's stored ALL of my pictures somewhere I cannot find. Therefore, I can't finish the 2008 roundup. Which really, is pretty irrevelant now, since it's the middle of January.

Al had the spelling bee last week, and she froze up on the word 'exercise' and spelled it 'excercise'. She said she would have rather done the spelling bee in front of a billion strangers, as opposed to 300 kids from her own school. Sadly, door #1 was not an option.

LP was out of town last week and we were so busy, it went quickly and I was so tired from it all,I actually slept instead of being up all night like I usually am when he goes out of town. NOW, however, it's almost 1 a.m. and here I am, awake. I blame mexican food for that.

Mo peed through her diaper last week during Mass during the Homily, alllll over my leg. Appropriately, the Homily was about Baptism.

that's all I've got, next week is Rug's birthday and if I get around to finding those pics, I may finish up 2008 and put it to rest.

Have a good one folks,