Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My conundrum

Do you all remember a few months ago when I said Rug was nominated to win a trip to Greece to play soccer?

Yeah, well, she won.

I know, I am SOOOO thrilled and excited. But of course, with everything, this comes with a big decision.

See, she gets her trip as well as ONE adult, paid for. That leaves us with me, Al and Mo to pay for ourselves.

Now on first look, this was a no brainer, right? I mean, a chance of a lifetime.

Here come the contigencies:

1. I have only had my job since August, so the likelihood of me getting the specified days off is iffy to probably non existent.

2. On average, this trip will cost about $2000 per person. We are getting $$$ for 2 of us, but that leaves us with 3 left. That's $6000, not including food. I think we may have to eat, going on past experiences. I haven't tried to not eat for a week, but maybe it is doable. Then again, all my past experiences have not included being surrounded by sumptious Greek food 24/7.

3. Then there is the whole kid under 3 issue in a foreign country. i mean, i have a hard enough time controlling her at Target. Can you imagine me containing her on a 9 hour flight? i can't foresee me getting off that flight having made lifelong friends. Furthermore, I have heard the streets of Greece aren't exactly stroller-friendly, and toting a 2-year-old around who has no interest in the Parthenon seems to completely have the opposite effect on my excitement. That is what it boils down to...do I want to spend $$$$$ on a 'trip of a lifetime' that I probably won't enjoy as much having to deal with meltdowns, and trying to appease a child while I am looking at ancient ruins? It's not like I can afford a nanny here, people. Although...Sue? Charlotte? Want to go to Greece? Would you be willing to swim over?

4. On the other hand...the other option would be to leave little Mo behind with grandparents. Seems easy enough right? Hmm. First off, you haven't met the grandparents, so there's that to consider. Secondly, could I really leave her behind? What if something, God forbid, happened to us, I would leave her here to grow up alone without us? I couldn't stand the thought.

5. So here is the other thing, which, only a psychotic Disney person like myself would suggest. Actually, LP was the one who suggested it. If Al, Mo and I stayed back, that would save us about $7000 which we could use towards one KICK ASS of a trip to Disney world later in the year. I'd accrue more time off from work, plus it would be a trip we know we would ALL enjoy, hands down. And we could even stay at the Polynesian if we wanted to!!! And have like every dinner be a character meal! What say you!?!?!! (dang it when are they going to have a character meal with Jack Sparrow? That would be way cool).

Okay, so there it is. Regardless of what happens, I am so proud of my daughter, and what an opportunity, right? I mean, wow! She is a stud, for sure. If anything, she can bring me back some souvlaka.


Bente said...

First of all: CONGRATULATIONS, RUG!!! Wow!

Second, I'd say do the Disney. It will take Mo a week to just get over the jet lag (trust me I know about toddlers and long flights). Plus it'll give you an excuse to plan a Greece trip in the future when all the kids are old enough.

Susie said...

These are the kinds of troubles we all should have :)
I don't know if you asked, but I think if I were in your shoes, I'd let Rug and daddy go, and save that money for a trip to wherever, at a better time and with less angst. My destination wouldn't be Disney, but still. You could go a lot of nice places with that kind of $. And, I must say, I am applying my own current $ constraints to the scenario, and that might not be an issue for you, in which case, do whatever. Actually, do whatever anyway. And congratulations to Rug!

Vajana said...

Bente: I know right? Thanks, I think I agree with you. I have just always been a 'do it now when you have the chance' kind of person, but weighing all options, this just seems more doable.

Susie: So where WOULD you go? Besides Disney? Not that I am familiar with that thought process...LOL. we were also considering Mexico, or maybe a cruise?

Charlotte in Pa said...

That IS a toughie! First of all, I'm not working - I would totally keep a kid or two so that you could go. HOWEVER... since Mo doesn't know me, that might cause some angst. Also - you would worry the entire time that something was going to happen to you guys over there and I doubt you'd relax enough to have fun. Why not combine your other options and do a Disney cruise? Do they go to Mexico? :-) BTW - lots of fun things to do in Philly. We're also 2 hours from NYC, 2 hours from DC, 1.5 hours from the Atlantic Ocean... Just saying. :-)

Sue said...

I am posting this while doing arm exercises so I can swim to Greece to be the nanny.

ok really i am posting this while dreaming of going to Disney and being the nanny.

Tough call, but here is what I know.
3 year olds do not make good world travelers and forget everything you want them to remember by the time they are 5. They will remember however that time you went on a great vacation without them and will use it to make you feel guilty and buy them a car and let them stay out all night with their pierced and tatooed boyfriend who probably sells drugs. SO if you don't want a pregnant, fast driving, drug addicted child- perhaps you should go with the Disney plan.

Just kidding! Really whatever you choose will be fine. You are the mom. Makes you always right.