Sunday, March 22, 2009

Best. Day. Ever.

Remember how I said going to the zoo with Mo was one of the best days this year?

And remember how last weekend was one of the WORST of the year?

Yesterday, March 21st 2009, made the former pale in comparison, and wiped the latter completely off the slate.

Alex went GANGBUSTERS at the Speech Meet and got one point shy of a perfect score. She did the best I could ever hope for, and I even had to 'Putty high-five' LP for a 'hellz yeah we rock as parents' moment. We were so torn as to whether or not to make her try out this year, but we did, and then she made it, and then she owned it. That was the best victory Red Robin lunch ever! Then we got new tires for my bike so I can participate in the Tour de Cure in June, my first race. I'm excited, it's something I've been wanting to do for years. Now it's one step closer to reality.

After THAT, Al and I ran from our house to the 'main road' for the first time since we've lived here. Al said to me, "I think God made this place just for us." She was not kidding. It was exhilerating. Plus, all that treadmill running I've been done apparently has paid off, as I was able to run all 3 miles without dying.

I then took my 3 beautiful girls to the mall so the older two could get haircuts...the almost-12-year-old wanted 'sidebangs' again and of course I also had to pick up our copy of "Twilight" from the store. I wanted to get a picture of all of us with their hair all done-d up, so we went to one of those photo booths in the middle of the mall.

I have no doubt in my mind that photo booths are divine in nature and manufactured for the sole purpose of enjoyment by immature giggling girls. I had tears in my eyes we were laughing so hard. I will try to find the time to scan the pics that turned out, of which we had to have some airbrushed hearts on the top because apparently, the button was stuck and would only let us apply those to our final product.

Lastly I went to visit some old friends, and tho Makenna proceeded to jump on the bed, sit on the dog and more or less wreak havoc among her victims, it was a blast.

Even Al and Rug said on the way home it was one of the best days. "Ever Mom."

Oh, and where was LP? He got a nice break and stayed home doing 'taxes', which I believe is a code word for 'surfing porn' but I can't be for sure.

So I guess he had the best day ever too!


kalki said...

What a freaking cute photo! I'd love to see the photo booth ones.

MeeshellaBella said...

This is freaking awesome! Congrats to her and your wonderful weekend!