Thursday, March 05, 2009

totally random, but here it is.

LP calls these bean bags our 'moose poop' chairs. They are sooo comfy though, obviously.

I took Mo to a local 'science center' (the Magic House, been there since I was kid, but is MUCH cooler now) and she really liked the 'princess' area with dress up clothes, a pumpkin carriage, and of course a royal dinner. She had a blast.

I'm still working like a mad woman, but it looks as though tomorrow I will get to take Mo to the zoo. that will be fun.

Rug made me watch the reality show about the Duggars the other night, no really...she MADE me...I guess she was implying that their mom doesn't cuss and they are all happy and la-dee-dah...and actually, it weirded me out cuz, like, they really do SEEM to be happy and normal and really whatever. Although, seriously I do get saving money and not having your children be slaves to consumerism, but Peter pan collars were never a good look. For anyone.

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Susie said...

I am sometimes required to watch the Duggars, too. And I cannot dislike them. Is that woman the nicest person in the world, or what? But still not sickening. It's weird. How does she do that?