Thursday, August 06, 2009

Janasayqua's Book Club*

*not to be confused with that OTHER book club.

OK so a few posts back I told you I was gonna read a book about cancer, which I thought I'd hate, but actually did enjoy, it was called "Middle Place" and when I finished it, at the end of the book the author described a piece she'd written and BAM it hit me. A few months ago (years?) someone emailed me a woman speaking from You tube, about women and relationships, and it had come at a time in my life where there had been drama with friends, as well as a loss of parents, as well as drama with our kids. It hit HOME, and the fact that the author of this book was also the person in this video, make me respect and appreciate her all that much more.

Here is that video:


So after i was done, I promised myself I'd read "Pride and Prejudice", by Jane Eyre, as recommended to me by the women in the book I read about the potato peel pies.

This deemed far more difficult that I'd originally planned.

"Pride and Prejudice" is, in a simple description, NOT a summer read.

It is to be read on cold winter nights in front of a fire when all the kids are sleeping and you have nothing else to do.

NOT when it is beautiful outside and you have 8 million other things you could be doing. Oh my gosh. While I was reading this book, at least 4 people saw it and said, "Oh! One of my FAVORITE books!" Upon which I replied, "Yeah? When did you read it?" and the response was ALWAYS "in college".

Did you remember what you were doing in college? No-thing. Nothing. Therefore, you had time to fill your head with the 18th century prose that is far more difficult to decipher when you have a 2 year old shoving a sippy cup in your face saying "More mommy" and the sound of the Instant Messager from your 12 year old in the background as well as your 9 year old dancing to Lady you see my point here?

So it was nice when we went on a short vacation and I could sit by the pool and read it, without interruption. I was finally 'getting into it'.

Then we got home, and the book went missing. Hmm. I mourned for about 30 seconds.

I went right out and got Danny Evans' book "Rage Against the Meshuggenah" (from DadGoneMad) and will start it posthaste!

Oprah's got nothing on me.

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