Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Forward march

Yesterday was an odd day. I felt alone in my giddiness on Valentine's Day, as pretty much everywhere I went, everyone else was telling me I should not be happy on this day, because it was a made up holiday. I even got some flack from relatives, saying they couldn't believe I'd actually been married 9 years, as they didn't think we would have made it past one!! (thanks for the vote of confidence!) Then I had to bring snacks to Al's V-day party...and do you remember how I somehow end up the brunt of some sort of odd occurrence or mishap?? Well it has happened again. (ah, that reminds me to tell of the rat to do that!) Yesterday at the party, they made these Nerf-like Oriental Trading crafts that had a rubber band on the back and looked like shuttles (with a cute teddy bear attached of course). Well. One of the kids in her class thwoked his STRAIGHT at my EYEBALL. Full force. I literally saw stars, and realized he had knocked my contact lens out!! I couldn't see anything. I searched around the room, and on my clothes, and I went to the bathroom to see if it was caught in my eyelid (where it usually ends up), and it wasn' then I had another mom look and she found it in the other corner of my eyeball...yeah, it stung a little bit.

But after all that, I was able to drink a glass of wine and have dinner with LP, and can I just tell you, wine sometimes really, really takes the pain away. LP of course had the surf and turf, and I had a filet mignon I could barely finish.

I went home and watched "High School Musical" with my daughters (Cat! Have you seen this? It's all the rage at their tunes galore!) and had a good laugh about it. Good times, good times.

Today I talked with one of my friends about getting a bunch of us together to go to Holiday World this summer!! Remember, this is the place we went last summer for a quick weekend getaway in August with the rough looking Santa. We are saving up $$ for next year's Las Vegas extravaganza (and hopefully Disney again) so this year will be low key, but I went to their website and they are building a new roller coaster, and it looks lotza fun!! How does this look for stomach-churning goodness!!! (from their website):
I expect a lot of screaming on that one. AAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEIIIII!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!


Cat said...

OH. EM. GEE!! You're poor eyeball! Reminds me of a story about TGIM, a group of girls, a barnloft full of pigeon poop, and a missing contact lens... Seriously. I better not share. It's too disgusting.

Anyhoo, was there a throw-down between you and the evil Nerf-thwoking rugrat? If not, I admire your restraint. ;)

I want to ride that roller coaster! My stomach hurts just LOOKING! LUUUUCKEEEEEEY!

And thanks for the recommendation on the flick! I don't know how this one ( a musical!) flew under my radar... Or is it "over my radar"? "Through my radar"? Eh. Whatev. I'll put it in the queue.

Cat said...

"You're poor eyeball"? Yes. I taught the English. Make that "Your poor eyeball," mm'kay? Geesh, Cat. Preview, much?

Vajana said...

Cat: Your the greatest. (heh)

"High School Musical" is on Disney channel...for some reason all the girls in Al's class are obsessed over it. I think the jury is still out on whether Al liked it or not. I did like the duets, personally, and the rousing "Grease"-like ending. No flying cars though.

P.S. Nerf-thwoking rugrat was REALLLLY apologetic, and not fake-like either, he was pretty sincere. He wasn't aiming for me, unfortunately, my eyeball aimed at HIM. Guh, my luck. And I also have a pigeon poop story but it grosses me out too much to tell.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

If only the shuttle had been a rat. Think of the story THAT would have been.

J Bo said...

Hey, Happy Annviersary to you!

9 is oh so fine.

Amy said...

That roller coaster is enough to make your contact lens fall out!

Sorry bout your eye! Hope it is feeling better by today, Vajana.

Circus Kelli said...

This post gave me Chills!

Chills for your eyeball, chills for the lovey-dovey-ness you're feeling, and chills about the view from that roller coaster... yikes!