Friday, February 10, 2006


* Things I love about my Home.

Well now that we've remodeled the kitchen and pretty much every room in the house, I am loving just about everything about it. But mostly I love my den. It is so comfy and relaxing and exactly where you want to be to snuggle with your family. It's also the place to go when you have extended family over and they're all in the kitchen and you want to get away. All four of us fit on this at once, and we love it!!!

* Thing I do NOT love about my Home:

This is my basement. It is a nice basement. There is more to it obviously, the left door goes to the unfinished part, where we keep our weights and elliptical machines and all my love letters from 5th grade. But guess what is missing? A BATHROOM.
When we bought the house, I thought, feh, that's not too big of a deal, we can just run upstairs. Well, guess what. I did not count on how lazy I am. When you are involved in some serious DDR or air hockey game, who wants to stop to run up the stairs to pee? Not this lazy sucka!

I was also going to take a picture of our driveway, because it is on a hill, so my kids have nowhere to really play on concrete. The backyard is level, but you can't roller blade on grass. I went to take the picture, and there were all these damn BIRDS in my front yard. I started looking for a bald head walking by, and didn't see one so thought I was safe....

*Thing I LOVE about myself:

Always a tough one, because physically, there ain't much going. I do love my sense of humor, and my musical taste and random knowledge of trivia, but I also enjoy that I never take myself too seriously. I am very low maintenance, I enjoy a good laugh. I still get totally freaked out talking to strangers, but I really don't give a shit. Here is my Shit Ass Ho Motherfucker look:

This is me, of course in my sweats, sporting my glamourous Stay at Home 'do and my fancy Prada transcriptionist headphones. Do not mess with me. Word. Well, medical ones anyway.

And this is me, not taking myself seriously. At all.

Have a great weekend everyone. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!!!

(And give Mrtl some good mojo, she needs it! And I want a duck fart!!!!!!)


Circus Kelli said...

Hey doll! I LOVE your den! It's set up similar to mine, although our walls are WHITE.

You're gorgeous, darling! You're fabulous! I love the "not taking yourself seriously" picture! :)

Have a great day!

Vajana said...

Hey CK you too. I was in the bookstore last night just thinking of you...still trying to find that 'perfect gift' to send...

sullen girl said...

I'm so not ever going to mess with you and that Shit Ass Ho Motherfucker look. You win, the Ricker is yours ;)

I love your den and your basement. And I completely LOVE air hockey :) It would suck running upstairs to pee. Great pics :) Happy Friday :D

hemlock said...

That last picture is sweet.

And your den??? So cozy. I love that colour of yellow.

Great SPF!

Christie said...

hehe happy spf

Army of Mom said...

Working from home can be dangerous to our appearance!!! I'm the same way. I actually put on jeans and make up today!!! I'm very impressed with myself at this point.

;) Funny SPF.

Liza said...

Awesome pictures!! I'm lazy too and hate having to run all over just to pee. Great SPF! I played too :)

Happy SPF!

Tammy said...

What do you mean there is nothing going on physically. You have beautiful blue eyes!!

I think your den is the same color as my kitchen - come look.

I played.

Kami said...

Your den looks like THE place to hang out. I could totally sleep off my sinus infection there. Wouldn't you love that?

Nice pet birds you have there.

Vajana said...

Daun: The Ricker was always mine. Didn't you know? :)

Leafgirl: I am terrifying when I want to be.

Christie: Happy Friday to you and yours.

Tra: Makeup? I haven't gotten that far. Nor will I ever.

Liza: Yes, but lazy is just so much easier, ain't it?

tammy: ooh I love you. You have made my day.

Kami: Sure, your sinus infection is welcome here. We've already had our share. And seriously, should I start naming each one of those psycho birds or what???? Yikes!

Kristine said...

Great SPF! I could so lay on that couch and read allllll day!

I played too :)

Lee said...

the color in the den is wonderful, very homey! taking yourself too seriously is always dangerous.