Friday, February 03, 2006

Stuff Portrait Fridays--Play, Play that Game Tonight

Now seriously, how great can a post be that starts out with Kansas, huh???

I was able to play SPF this week, I always feel like this is the only day I *might* get past 10 comments, so to feed my ego here it is....

* Games I play
*Our Family Games
* Our game

I love to play games, board games, video games, drinking games, trivia games, I am there. We have game nights with our friends at least once a month. It's a blast. The most fun we have is when we play the Newlywed game or Pictionary and come up with our own categories. Too much fun. Last time we played the Newlywed game the question was, "What would you get rid of first if your spouse died?" and one of my friends answered, "The evidence!!!" Ha!'s my pics:

* Game I play

I already told you about my obsession with DDR, and I have previously mentioned Gametap, which is what I am playing here. Back in 1982 I was the queen of Burgertime, so I am re-living the glory days. Here is yours truly defeating those walking pickles and eggs and hot dogs. Ew, what were we talking about? Hot dogs and pickles? What is this, a porno?

Here is my face after just being eaten by a pickle:

PEOPLE! Get your mind out of the gutter! I didn't say I was EATING the pickle...I just got EATEN by one. Geez. (and please do notice the stay at home hair, it serves me well yes?)

*Our family Games

We love us some games. We got "Scene It" for Christmas and although it is slow moving, it is fun (and I kicked LPs ass in it, woo hoo!). Yes, that's an Easy Bake Oven on the top shelf. My kids are past the Easy Bake Oven stage, but I can't bear to part with it. We also got the SNL edition of Trivial Pursuit and it is uber difficult. Do not attempt unless you worked as a producer on the show.

* OUR Game

Mexican train dominoes. Soooooo much fun. We have taught all of friends how to play, we even taught our parents how to play and now they play every Saturday night. I am pretty good, but LP is the master (OMG do not tell him I said that.). He counts the dominoes, he totally cheats. I have beaten him though. My friend Beth Ann who is very politically correct calls the game Ethnic Dominoes. She doesn't want to offend you know. I certainly think any Mexican individual would be proud to claim this as their own. It is certainly better than tequila, which has ruined many a marriage. Dominoes brings people TOGETHER.

Alright, there's my stuff. Girls have a half day of school today, so I will be out this afternoon but rest assured I will be going to check out everyone else's STUFF.

Thanks again to Kristine, who is the proud sponsor of SPF and I think the 2006 Winter Games too. Okay, maybe not. Anyway, go over there and check her games out too!


Jana said...

I loved Burgertime! I still have my old Intellivision; I might have to drag it out later and play a round or two.

Thanks for your comment on mine!

Kami said...

Burgertime? Why do I not know this game? Why do I feel sheltered now?

zerodoll said...

Cool game collection. And I'm jealous, I never got an Easy Bake Oven. :(

Vajana said...

Jana: (heh, that's weird) My friend had the Intellivision, but they had the arcade version at the local arcade. Loved this!

Kami: 's okay, I have never played Scrabble. Burgertime. Lots o' fun. You squash pickles by dropping hamburgers.

Zerodoll: I never had one either as a children are spoiled ROTTEN.

Teena said...

Wow! That's a lotta games!

I played! Thanks for stopping by!

jayfish said...

i was terrible at burgertime. i think that's because the only time we could play it was at the arcade and those quarters were like gold....

FutureFoodTVStar said...

Ok, we could so have some game fun. I was the the Burgertime Queen at the Fuddruckers in Houston. My name was always at the top of the High Scores list.

Circus Kelli said...

You're gorgeous! Really. Don't let anyone ever tell you any different. :)

Torie said...

It seems like everyone plays train dominoes.
I Played!

Tammy said...

OMG. You have a ton of games!

I played.

Sheri & SuZan said...

Great game collection! My favorite is Mexican Train, but I've never played it with double twelves.....hmmmmmmm......that could be fun.

JD's Rose said...

Ohh my gosh. I am so coming over next time it is a crappy raining night.... check out the amount of games you have!

Vajana said...

Teena: Lots of games due to spoiled children.

Jay: I'm not good at it. Just play it! (I can't get past the 3rd level, pathetic!)

FFT: A Burgertime Burger Off is what we need. Where's a Fuddruckers directly between Texas and Illinois? We could meet there!

CK: Thanks dahling. The only person telling me otherwise unfortunately is myself.

Torie: And Scrabble, that's a big one too, and I have never played it.

Tami: Again, spoiled kids. You should see our Disney DVD collection.

S & S: What do you start with then? It's easier but longer.

JD: You bring the chips and I'll supply the games!

J Bo said...

You made it past 10 comments! I agree about the SNL Trivial Pursuit- really challenging.

And here's more proof of the dork I am: I thought Burgertime was a place you went to eat burgers and you were the queen of the arcade there.

You really have never played Scrabble?

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I am holding out for the game called Mexican Matzo Balls.

Amy said...

Burgertime! Haven't seen that in years! Oh the hours and hours spent playing that after school instead of trinomials and shakespeare essays...

Your stay home hair is totally cute. And holy shite have you got game. (s).