Friday, February 24, 2006


Originally uploaded by Vajana.

It is Friday again and I am able to play. Both my girls are sick at home so I have more time to get things done, like SPF! The categories this week are:

*Your favorite lamp

* Your nightstand drawer

* Good books you have read

And away we go.....


hemlock said...

Your lamp is way too cool. Middle drawer???? That's where the fun is?? I read Jitterbug perfume in highschool. That's a nutso book. I think I should read it again, though.

Happy SPF!

Easily Amused said...

Great SPF!! I love that lamp. Is that 2 lights on one pole?? How cool!

Vajana said...

LG: Yes, you should read it again. I love it. He's a crazy nutso author. Read "Villa Incognito" too.

EA: Yes, two lights, twice more fun for the kids!