Thursday, February 09, 2006

Almost Famous

First off, let me just clarify, The Ricker needs to pay for his past transgressions, if he was in fact, the pretend boyfriend of more than 3 of us here, then darnit he needs to pretend apologize. I will not continue pretending he was my boyfriend until he officially pretends to do that. Own it buddy.

Next, I did promise a list of the celebrity sightings/meetings I have had in my life. Yesterday was a bit hectic so I wasn't able to get to it, but it's here today.

(Quit staring at him, I know he is mesmerizing but seriously, pay attention.)

1. Circa 1981. Our family went on vacation, where, I cannot remember. All I do remember is that my dad was Mr. Griswold, he always mapped out our vacations to the last minute (and yes, I did inherit this trait from him). He knew, along the way, that Barbara Mandrell was playing at some concert in some field somewhere, so that was an absolute 'must stop' on the way to our destination. I remember a huge field and a stage, so it was an outdoor event, and my dad was saying something about it being way too crowded (if it's too much $$ or too many people, my dad is so outta there) so we were driving back OUT, when, while being stopped in traffic, Barbara Mandrell's bus drove by us, and she saw us and waved. Dad said that was good enough for him, and we drove outta there.

2. 1989. I went with my friend to Orlando with her and her parents one summer. (I will scan those pictures someday--my hair was HUGE) While we were standing in line for one of the rides at Universal, Jason Hervey, the older brother from the Wonder Years (and Pee Wee's Big Adventure star) was walking to lunch from shooting something on the studio lot. I instantly recognized him, yelled his name and took a picture. He waved at me. Woo hoo. He had a huge entourage, and was wearing Ray-Bans. Oh yes, he was very cool.

3. 1991. I have blogged about this before. I was at Lollapalooza, looking at jewelry at one of the stands, when I heard a voice behind me say, "Oh my gosh, should I act star struck?" and when I looked up, Eddie Vedder was checking out the same earrings I was!! He smiled at me, I MELTED, and he walked away to be whisked into a huge throng of people. Yes, I have kicked myself every day since for not at least saying hello. Oh I was so in love with him. Damn social anxiety disorder! DAMMIT!

4. 1994. Senior year in college, Toad the Wet Sprocket and Hootie and the Blowfish played at our college gymnasium. I am a very big Toad fan, and my friend was an usher, so I got to meet lead singer Glenn Phillips before the show. He was SO very nice and cool. I also noticed he wasn't wearing any shoes, and having been the janitor in that gym for 4 years, really wanted to suggest to him putting some socks on. After the concert, same friends and I followed the Hootie band members into their little trailer and hung out for a little while. I got the guitarists' autograph, and went back to my dorm because I was tired, but I know my friend hung out with them for a long time. About a month later "Hold my Hand" was a huge hit.

5. 2000-present: Well, I have also mentioned that Jason Isringhausen and I have the same pediatrician, but not every one knows who he is, so that's not too much of a sighting is it. Jim Edmonds cut me off in traffic before, does that count??

So you see, I have very little contact with celebrity. I wish I had more. I love to hear about them though, so if you have a great sighting/meeting, tell me about it!

And stop staring at The Ricker. He is MINE!!!


paintergirl said...

His eyes have me mesmerized...Ok jana, I almost got hit be Richard Butler. And the very same day, my husband spotted Jon Spencer(Blues Explosion-very hot fellow) and talked to him. Same day. All becasue we live in New York. they are EVERYWHERE!

Vajana said...

oooh Jon Spencer, yes, very hot. NYC definitely trumps me every time. LP's uncle lives there, but he wouldn't know a celebrity if they were biting him on the nose!

sullen girl said...

I second that. The Ricker owes us an explanation. Pronto.

Your list is hilarious - I needed this laugh for Friday. The whole Barbara Mandrell thing reminds me of my parent's fascination with the band Alabama and revolving vacations around them. One year my mother insisted we stop by Randy's house (lead singer) on our way through Alabama from a Florida trip. Yes, she still has the gravel and leaves she stole from his driveway.

I would love to see the Jason Hervey pic if you still have it :) (I've got me and Bret Michaels from Poison on my blog somewhere... drool.) Jason is a cutie-patootie.

And let me tell you - I would have completely DIED to be that close to Eddie THE GOD Vedder! Are you freakin' kidding me?!?! SOOOOOOOO jealous beyond words....

And lastly, when I worked at Cracker Barrell in Cols, Ohio Hootie and the Blowfish came in there one morning. I was the hosted and got to seat them - they were all such really nice guys and horribly polite. :)

Oh yeah, and Jim McMahon (Chicago Bears QB) cut me off in traffic once when I was driving through Chicago. He drives like an derranged lunatic!

God, I get so wordy somedays..... Just blah, blah, blah... someone please shut me up!

Mrs. Ricky Schroeder