Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I heart 80s icons

Circus Kelli's comment made me think about the dream I had the other night. She said she dreamt she had a relationship with John Stamos. I always thought he was a little too pretty myself, I was more of a C. Thomas Howell gal myself. (Hello? Soul Man?!?! Touched me.) And of course the Ricks, and I had a bout of Corey infatuation as well.

But I never, ever had it for Tom Cruise.

Oh, my friends were SO in love with him. Posters on their walls, "I LOVE TOM" on their folders, buttons, iron on transfers, the whole bit.

Not me.

Back then even, I knew he was a bit off. He just struck me as being, an alien I guess.

And look, I was right! He is an alien, at least according to John Travolta.

I had this dream that we were at the movies, and he and I had been dating for a few weeks, and I remember just feeling gushy about him, about how excited I was to be with him, that he was just the coolest thing since sliced bread. After the movie, his PARENTS picked us up to drive us home (which, even in dream state, I thought was a little kooky). He walked me to my door to give me a good night kiss, and he starts jumping up and down, "OKAY, I love you. I am so in love with you. I just love you!" Literally freaking me the hell out, even in my dream. I was so conflicted, being really excited because I was thoroughly attracted to him, but then he had to throw that Love word out there, which, in my real life, I don't say to anyone until I am absolutely sure about them, and just then POOF I woke up.

I guess it freaked the real Me out so much I had to get the subconscious Me the hell out of that situation.

But now, when I see pictures of him, I almost feel nostalgic for that one night we spent together that was so nice, and sweet, the night Tom Cruise loved me.

It could've been To-Jana, ya know. Or Jom. Or TomaJana.



Cat said...

"OKAY, I love you. I am so in love with you. I just love you!"

Classic! Oooooh, did he do the fist pump thing? (please say he did the fist pump thing... please say he did the fist pump thing...) Because... AWESOME?!

I must admit I had a similar dream a few years back, but the lucky guy was a shirtless (!) Donny Osmond (shut up) and though I DON'T remember his mother driving us out on our date, I do remember a sing-along with Elvis, which... weird, but I'm pretty sure my subconscious mind was channeling the Elvis-impersonating Pharoah from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat which my children totally forced me to watch over and over and over...

... and if I knew I would be going on this long I would have brought a snack. Sorry!

But I absolutely love your T.C. dream, I do. So, SO much.

Circus Kelli said...

Cat, you had a Donny dream?! Oooo, you're SO lucky. I totally hearted Donny for quite some time... then he got married.

And Jana, I'm going to hope that kalki doesn't read your blog -- I don't want her to think I'm trying to steal her John Stamos... I'm not. We were totally just friends in my dream...

Your dream, though... funny! :)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Tom and his Vaj?

Amy said...

C Thomas Howell! Stay Gold! He was such a beautiful boy, that one.

I had a weird May December crush on the lead actor in Stand By Me, who played Gordy. He had eyes like C Thomas.

Your dream. Too funny.

Vajana said...

Cat: Total. Fist. Pump. At least there was no couch jumping. So I guess if you were with Donny, you were a little bit country?

CK: Yes, we know Kalki has dibs on JS. But we can dream...

Hoss: Vajom?

Amy: OMG He totally emailed me once! I left a comment on his blog and he emailed me. I was cool for like 10 minutes. Wil Wheaton rocks, he is a great guy!

Stay gold!

Nessa said...

I never had a thing for TC - he always creeped me out a bit! And ToJana is the best EVER!