Wednesday, February 01, 2006


LP knows I blog, but has never made any menial reference to the possibility that he might READ my blog. So do you think when I post this picture he might mention something to me? We will see!!!

It is January, and January brings Janasayqua-quietness. It brings blah-ness. It brings the mopes. (Not Moops!) I have not had the desire nor TIME to blog or to read any blogs. I can't get my laundry done! Hopefully next week will be cheerier moods and more time to sit and blog!

Yesterday I went to the self-serve car wash and as I was vacuuming out tiny pieces of old McDonald toys, I heard a piercing scream...yes, OVER the sound of the loud, industrial type vacuum cleaner. It was Rug, and she was screaming, "I've GOT A BLOOD NOSE!" and of course blood is spurting out all over my van. Lovely. Guess what?? NO WIPES. NO KLEENEX. How on earth did I fail so miserably as a mother to not have those items in my car??? What was I? A Neanderthal? (Note to new moms out there...Wipes. Everywhere you are. Keep them on hand at ALL. Times.) So I finally found an antiseptic wipe in the First Aid kit, although it was not enough to clean up the entire mess, it got enough to stop her from wailing any more.

I pulled my car up into the wash area, and I started soaping up the car. I headed onto the driver side of the car I start spraying the sliding minivan door...Al OPENS IT UP, and since it is automatic, I can't just grab it and slam it shut...and in a split second the inside of my car AND my daughter are soaking wet.

She gets out and starts crying, and I am LAUGHING because, well, it was pretty funny. I could have been really mad, but seriously, if you saw what a wet little sad puppy she was, you would have laughed too. I didn't want her to keep crying, so I tried to point out how funny it was, and once she got back into the car (first, I do not know WHY she got out, I guess it was wet, and second, yes, she has reached the age where it's "Oh. My. Gosh. I am. SO. Embarrassed.) she decided it was funny enough to laugh.

She had a soccer game last night (Beat select team 7-2 woo hoo! And Al scored a goal!) and she said, "Mom, please don't tell anyone about that. I will be so embarrassed."

After the game she said, "I told everyone. They all thought it was hilarious."

Anything for a laugh babe, anything for a laugh.


mrtl said...

Water + door open = wet. Silly girl!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Laugh, and the world laughs with you... Good job, Jana.

(P.S. Did you put wipes in the car and purse yet?)

Random and Odd said...

OMG...That is some funny stuff!! i love it Jana!!

sullen girl said...

Glad to see you're back :) And I love LP's picture! That's hysterical!

Vajana said...

Mrtl: I cannot understand what was going through her head.

Hoss: YES. I went straight to the store after that incident.

Kristine: You just can't make this crap up ya know? Only moms have these stories!

Daun: I know, aren't there just a ton of captions for that picture??

paintergirl said...

what in heaven is your huband doing? is he going to be the next Jonathon? I really love this jana!