Friday, February 24, 2006


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grr, I hope this doesn't show up sideways...well, great books would be anything from Tom Robbins. Jitterbug Perfume of course my all time favorite book, hands down.

As far as a current book I've read, I would say go check out "Time Traveler's Wife". Pretty good.

You can see these books have been re-read and re-read!!


aka_Meritt said...

Time Travellers Wife is a favorite of mine too! (Not enough to actually spend MONEY on it... LOL... but you know, I'm cheap that way). Still... I adored that book.

ZuphChic said...

I added these to my list!

Stacy said...

Cool lamp. I have had Time Traveler's Wife on my list to check out from the library for 6 weeks now, and it's always checked out. Hopefully, soon. I've read lots of good things about, thanks for recommending it as well!

Have a good weekend :)

MMC said...

Your drawer is so neat. I never understood re-reading fiction...

TBG said...

What a funky lamp. I love it!

I played!