Thursday, October 27, 2005

That time of week again!

Originally uploaded by Vajana.

Yes, you guessed it, SPF days is here. And again, I'm way too busy to take pics and actually download them so again I am using pics already on the computer. So AGAIN I am using my poetic license and very loosely playing. I'm loose, what can I tell ya.

Theme is Halloween!

*Your costumes
*Your frightful decorations
*Neighborhood decorations

I've got the costume one down, but instead of decorations, I decided to frighten the bejeebus out of ya and show the BEFORE pictures of my kitchen.

The jacklegs who are installing our cabinets broke one, then of course REORDERED THE WRONG ONE so it is delaying the whole process, and although I am really tired of having crap laying around in my kitchen and going out to dinner (yeah right) I know it will be done soon.

So if you dare...proceed!


mrtl said...

I won't agree that your rooms are scary - at least you made an effort.

The girls are too cute!

Circus Kelli said...

I proceeded! Great pics! LOVE the kids' costumes! :)

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