Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I am a Cardinals fan.

Win or lose, sucky or not, I am.

But I am also a very sensitive individual. Inevitably, when they show footage of the losing team's dugout at the World Series, I will cry every single time. I feel for them, those poor little boys who all their lives have dreamed about getting to the World Series only to lose it like a sorry sack of sore sobs they are. I cry for them.

For most of my life, Cardinals fans have been loyal, but respectful and if anything at least respected. We never cause riots. No nasty barbs. The Cardinals were never that ugly beast that torments other teams (well, except for the Cubs, but you know, I think they just use us as scapegoats). We've been jovial. We've been cordial. We've been...nice.

Hell we even handed over the World Series last year to the Red Sox!

But I see those days are changin'. Cardinals fans are done being nice. They want to WIN dammit.

If you are not wearing RED today in the Metro area of St. Louis, it's like walking a benefit walk without the Ribbon. "WHO WON'T WEAR ZEE RIBBON?" They're out of hand, people. These are Cardinal fans scorned, and it does not bode well. At my daughters' school today, they were allowed to wear Cardinals stuff (they usually wear uniforms) but if someone showed up with Astros or White Sox clothes they would be sent home. What is this, "1984"? Well if anything I'd give for it to be 1982, cuz then I'd know for sure the Cardinals will win.

As I mentioned, I'm a sucker for the underdogs, the other team. It was extremely hard for me to root against the Red Sox last year, just because I liked them. They definitely deserved it.

My grandpa was a HUGE White Sox fan. I won't be able to root against them.

The Houston Astros...always a kick ass team. I've always loved them. They deserve a World Series trip.

Argh the torment. Tonight will be a very tough one for me. I may have to slip one of my husband's Vicodin to take away the pain.

I am a Cardinals fan.

Win or lose, sucky or not.

I am.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

But, see, the Cards have won the title. The Houstons have never even been in a World Series. So, since I always root for the underdog, you'll just have to forgive me....

Nessa said...

awwwwww - you said we deserve the trip :) I hope we win (Astros) because we try so hard - this city is ablaze with fire over tonight!

Vajana said...

See, I usually go for the underdog too, that's why last year was so hard. And of course who would the Cards be up against but the Astros and the White Sox who either have never been to the World Series or haven't been since they threw it!

Ah, but still. Go my beloved Cards!!