Tuesday, October 11, 2005

one fell off and bumped his head

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Target is my sanctuary. Target is where I go when the clouds are grey, when things look hopeless and when I am down in the dumps. Target is my ray of light. Even if I just need cat litter or trash bags, I will go to Target before Wal-mart just BECAUSE. The atmosphere is great. I. Love. Target.

SO why did my husband point these out to me while we were at Target yesterday???


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well, I sorta think this is between you and him, but what I believe he's sayin' is "Take one pill a day and there'll be no more monkeys calling us in the morning, and especially not in the dead of night." He COULD just be sayin' to be sure to swallow your One-A-Day just once a day, too. But I don't think so.

mrtl said...

Yes, why did your husband do that? Whata booger. Taunting you with something that scares you. Meanie!

paintergirl said...

EVIL EVIL man! And why on earth would someone make pj's like this. I'm not that hateful of sock monkeys but these give me the creeps!

Amanda B. said...

Dude. A good friend of mine sent me a pair of these a few weeks ago! I loooove them. :D

Pissy Britches said...

Target is HEAVEN. Absolute HEAVEN. Wal-Mart sucks assholes.
I hate Wal Mart.
I hate the parking lot, I hate EVERYTHING about it.