Wednesday, October 05, 2005


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Yesterday LP and I played hookie from work and went to see the first playoff game of the Cardinals against the San Diego Padres. It was a beautiful day and totally worth it.

We got free tickets from one of his buddies, so that made it even sweeter.

Guess who was in line ordering food when Reggie Sanders hit a 4-run homer? Yeah, it was me. But that's okay. You can't go to a baseball game without having a bratwurst.

They ended up winning 8-5 and this may be the last time I get to see a game in the old stadium...they are demolishing it at the end of the season this year.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

If you got swell friends like that, you don't need to be rich. Bratwursts taste the same to all, too, rich or poor. Screw you, rich people, my bratwurst is just as good as yours...

Sharkey said...

Wow--gorgeous picture. Makes me want a hot dog and a beer.

J Bo said...

What do they call those games? 'Gentlemen's afternoons?' I work right near our baseball stadium in Seattle and it always amazed me how many people would play hooky in the afternoon to watch a game!

Looks like you had great weather and a wonderful time!

Fo drizzle.