Sunday, October 30, 2005

Open letter

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Today my eldest daughter's rec soccer team secured 1st place in their league. They only lost one game this season, and worked very hard to make it to 1st.

This is our last year in rec however, because unfortunately, the parents, who I am sure are normally nice, compassionate people, turn in to friggin' TOTAL ALIEN SPAZMAZOIDS when they are at soccer games.

My daughter was able to shake it off though, she is out there cuz she loves soccer and reaps its rewards (see cupcake in picture). I love that kid.

But in her behalf, I'd like to write a letter to the parents of the other team we played today, and be done with it.

Dear parents:

I am very sorry for your loss today. I know, we are tough to beat. What can I say, the kids work hard. I know, from your standpoint, it seemed like we were cheating. 8-year-olds are very good at cheating, I guess? I especially enjoyed how you taught your children to 'trash talk'. My daughter found it very flattering when one of your players called her a 'stupid jerk' when she took the ball. Then, when your player knocked her down onto the ground and the ref called against your player, you, the concerned parent, yelled at the ref at what a horrible call it was and that MY daughter did it, well, that just shows class, my friend. And when my daughter was led off the field CRYING and you're still yelling, oh man, how can I not have the upmost respect for you?

I think you yelling at your girls to "PUSH THEM HARD!" also helps the girls truly learn the proper skills they need to play the game.

In conclusion, I want to thank you for instilling in your children the appropriate way to congratulate the winning team, by telling them 'bad game' when they go to shake hands. We have taught our kids to win without gloating, and not let trash talk rattle them, and always be a good sport, never to brag, not to use excessive force and maybe we are teaching them wrong.

But rest assured, that 1st place trophy on my daughter's shelf will remind her every day that no matter what, she played a good game.

Yours in good sportsmanship, Vajana



Bente said...

That sucks that the parents are ruining the game for your little cutie. What's wrong with people?

Nessa said...

that sucks - one of the only reasons that FFPS is good - I'm scared to enter competitive in the spring for reasons such as those :)

mrtl said...

Tell 'em Mamma! Some parents really suck.

Vajana said...

Bente: It is so an epidemic. But to teach your kids to call the other kids jerks! Really!

Nessa: What is FFPS? I am hoping her select team is stricter with the far they have been, not counting the lady with the freaking COWBELL at the game...

MRTL: Yes. They do. And I couldn't send an email to the Association president cuz guess what? HE WAS THE COACH WE PLAYED!

J Bo said...

Oh, that is just so totally wrong. You know, there was an article in the paper recently about manners and sportsmanship and how kids today are lacking in both areas. Why? Because of their parents. This example just shows where grownups are going wrong.

You should mail that letter.

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