Monday, October 17, 2005

Backwards, last but not least

sorry, I totally posted these in the wrong sequence. Go read two posts down. Back? Mmmkay.

The pictures I have seen that totally make me say "Wow" every morning when I check her blog is over at Wave of Modulation. The pictures she took recently at a wedding were amazing. You will not be disappointed.

I meant to do this Friday, I really did, but Cheryl reminded me when she commented I had not! So anyway, have a good Monday. If I am feeling really motivated I may go to mrtl's site and find out what Motif Monday is, but hey, let's not get crazy here. I'm not that motivated. Plus the guy is coming in 1/2 hour to check out the cabinets, hope he's cute!!


OldHorsetailSnake said...

The wedding pix? One flower fits all? Which one had the cold sore (herpes)? The first one? The one in the middle? Maybe they lucked out and it was the last one....

sheryl said...

Thank you...
Wow, I am blessed to have eyes that praise my pics so much. I really and truly appreciate your visiting, and your words. Here, and there. Again, thank you! And don't go away. I just "woke up" and discovered your blog!

One flower! ewww!
Luckily everyone had their own flower, oldhorsetailsnake. There were hundreds, nay, thousands of gerbera daisies at the shindig!

Vajana said...

Well, whoever said love was sanitary right??

What's a couple a cold sores amongst lovers. ;)