Sunday, June 05, 2005

top 5 random--but odd--things I saw this weekend

5. Flipped up collars on teenagers. LP pointed this one out. At a local carnival, they were there in droves and several had the ol' Izod flipped collar up. I couldn't believe it and had to walk over and see if the young ones were wearing Polo as well. If they were, it had disintegrated into Midwest sweaty teenage juice.

4. Old man on bike obsessed with Tigger. Remember when Harley guys were Hell on Wheels and could tear your ass a new ass? well now they enjoy the bouncey-trouncey T-I double Grrr! This 'hog' was adorned with several renderings of the lovable creature, aww.

3. Mohawk on 4-year-old. did I mention we were at a carnival.

2. Boy on bicycle doing a wheelie down the street with Joe Boxer underwear on. They were leopard print. He took a bow when he was done. Did I mention I live in Middle America?

and the top random and really odd thing I saw this weekend:

1. Old carnie giving baby a bottle behind the Ferris Wheel. Cuz dem carnie babies got to grow up strong so they too can get a chance at the glory that is Carnival.


paintergirl said...

I hate the flipped up collars on teenagers! What is up with that?!

Vajana said...

so it wasn't a fluke? I was really hoping it was. Yikes!

paintergirl said...

oh no-it's a thing, and it's not upper middle class kids like when we were growing up, it's every teenager.

Vajana said...

yeah they're taking the class out of it for sure.