Wednesday, June 08, 2005

No more drama

Today's blog is brought to you by the letters D, R, A, M and A. Why? Why must be there be drama?? I hate it. I run away from it, screaming with my arms flailing AiiiEEEEE no drama.

But still. There it is. Everywhere.

Especially when it comes to sports. Eh. I hate the sport parents drama!!

IT IS JUST A GAME. Your son/daughter will not lose everything if they do not do well on their soccer/tennis/bocce/bowling/baseball/pingpong/MahJohng/Bangagong game. None of this will matter in 20 years. Remember Al Bundy in Married with Children? Yeah, he was on his football team in high school. NOW HE SELLS SHOES.

I can't handle the drama in soccer parents. Around here, soccer is The. Sport. I put Al in in kindergarten, thinking she would like it. FOR FUN. By 1st grade there was already pressure about going 'select'. I can't stand it!! What is it that turns normal, well-meaning parents into these hounds of hell? Why does it always turn into, "My kid is better than you"?? Ohhh the drama.

I am going right now to iTunes and downloading that Mary J. Blige song. I need me some dancing around the house. Then I will play Polly Pockets with Rug and THAT my friends is the only 'drama' I need to be around!!! :)


paintergirl said...

Oh I so dread those parents. I'm a bit in denial of that right now, but fear it will happen soon. Why do parents have to push their kids so soon? They take the fun out of the game for the kids. So sad.

Vajana said...

How old is your son? Oh, it will happen, it doesn't even matter what it is...sports, dancing, chess, that competition is everywhere.

Don't know if you are a big SNL fan, but there was a skit where it was a gameshow called "Ya think yer better than me?" My husband and I allude to that all the time, it makes us laugh. cuz we're better than everyone!!! HA!!

paintergirl said...

He'll be 3 in September. We just started speech therapy and that's enough for me. there are some moms in Gymboree who are already called drama queens by the teachers. You know, and I hate it when these moms think they are so great, this isn't highschool. Did you see Mean Girls-watch it if you haven't. There should be a movie made just about parents in this manner.

We love SNL, but with a toddler, going to sleep at 11 on saturday is the norm right now.