Friday, June 10, 2005


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Stuff Portrait Friday---

1. Thing I want more of
2 Thing I want LESS of.
3. Thing I'm totally satisfied with.

Peanut butter! We're out of peanut butter!!!!! I WANT MORE!!


Cat said...

Mmmmmm! LOVE peanut butter! 'Specially on celery and apples! But what is up with the LOW FAT? No, no, NO!!! But you do have the Jif part right, so I will cut you some slack... THIS time.


Vajana said...

girl, you don't understand. If I don't go low fat, my FUPA would be made out of peanut butter, considering the amount of it I eat.

Sharkey said...

A friend and I always argue: Jif vs. Skippy. Who can eat that Skippy crap? She even puts it on her pancakes--gross!

So is the reduced fat stuff any good? I'm always afraid to try it.

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