Monday, June 27, 2005


I must act quickly as the Computer Whore will realize i am actually ABLE to use the Internet and then she will immediately CUT ME OFF. So i can at least hurry up and fire one off here before she notices. Seriously, I have written at least 3 posts in the past few days that she has quickly WIPED away from existence. Bitch.

Anyway today was Clean up the House Day and I *accidentally* vacuumed up one of Alex's rosaries. Holy beads flying everywhere!!

Al made the select soccer team--woo hoo for her!! I'm not sure if I'm elated just yet--this means 2 practices a week and at least 2 games a weekend, lots of runnin'. Better enjoy my summer while I can.

I am seriously working the tan this year, that pool membership has paid off skin melanomas be damned. Al had her first swim meet this weekend--yeah it was 98 degrees and I don't mean the rock pop boy sensation group. It is HOT. Anyway, she came in last or next-to-last in all 3 races, and I was worried she might have felt less than fantastic, but when she got out of the water she said, "Did you see me mom? I finished!!!" I'm so glad she was not throwing an Official Al Hissy Fit about it, and I was so proud of her.

Well I must hurry the computer whore is figuring me out...hopefully I will be able to write more soon!! I missed both self/stuff portrait days and everything. Sigh.


Circus Kelli said...

Yay for Alex! Yay for pool memberships! Yay for updates from Jana! :)

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