Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ants marching

Sorry sorry sorry I was unable to do SPD today, I was gone almost all day doing Kid Chores. ya know, dragging them around to Kid Commitments buying Kid paraphenalia and practicing for Kid Recital that resulted from several weeks of Kid Lessons. What I mean was, yo I was busy.

but anyway if you look a few posts ago at my GINORMOUS monitor then you will find where I do my blogging. It is usually when I'm transcribing and I need to take a break from the stories of rashes and erectile dysfunctions and mucous and all those pretty things. You would never believe how many people go to the doctor having onychomycosis (toe fungus, basically).

The soccer drama is still ensuing, hopefully it will clear itself up as quick as that toe fungus does. Then I can focus my pursuits elsewhere, like blogging!

Tomorrow, gals and boys I will definitely be participating in the Self Portrait Friday.

My husband thinks I should put a picture of HIM up there, as he believes I always need more of him, but sometimes less of him but still love him the way he is. I could do that, but I'm not.

Also, I need to come up with a better nickname for him so I don't have to keep typing out his name. I could call him AHH!!--Ah the Hot Husband. Or I could call him TGWIAPM--that guy who is always poking me--but people might take 'poking' the wrong way and think he's some sort of pervert. And plus, that's more letters than are in his real name so that would be pointless. Hmm, let me ponder that one.

At any rate, see you tomorrow!!

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