Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Crazy 4 U

Things that may or may not have happened in the last week:

* My mother called my husband on Father's Day to thank him for "impregnating my daughter 9 years ago"

* We met the Kool-Aid Man

* I paid $2 to go see J.Lo punch Jane Fonda

* Saw a woman run into a tree with her rental car

* Had a 5-year-old tell me she was better than my daughter cuz her mommy drives a Mercedes

* My daughter was involved in a trampoline accident and had to locate her friend's bloody tooth for proper recovery; somehow she was unscathed but the 2 other girls were ER visits

* I ran the Susan Komen 5K Race for the Cure and didn't pass out

* Had no Internet for a week, 36 emails and 32 of them were for Viagra.


Vajana said...

P.S. oh yeah, ALL this happened last week.

dashababy said...

please tell me the uppitty little 5 year old was one of the girls that had to go to the ER. lol.
Sounds like you had a busy week. The Kool-Aid man too? Wow.

Vajana said...

no, unfortunately, sadly, no. I actually asked her to repeat what she said so I knew I had heard her right the first time. Who teaches their kid that?????

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Yes, it is always nice to see the daughters get impregnated. Ho ho har de har har.

Would it be a pun to say Viagra is in short supply? (I never get anything right.)

"vajana" is an odd name. I had a girlfriend named "Vijeannette." I guess that's different....

Vajana said...

It would be a pun, yes. I would also say that Viagra is a 'quick fix' too.

Vajana is a moniker i earned from a friend's husband who thought he was funny. I prefer janasayqua but it is too long.

Random and Odd said...

OMG!! If I get another 'penis enlargement' email I am going to scream!!

Could be the reasons behind my dreams!!

Vajana said...

yes, yes it is. And yes I had that song stuck in my head (pun intended) all day!!!

paintergirl said...

Hey congrats on running a 5k race. You shuld be pleased with yourself. And the kool-aid guy. Very nice!

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