Thursday, June 02, 2005


My father is one of the most pure, innocent souls around. He still believes in Santa Claus, the goodness of others and that politicians are honest. He is a true 50s Pleasantville throwback.

The other night I went to my parent's house for a BBQ and we were looking at his old high school yearbook. He went to an all boy's school, and as I was leafing through it, I asked my father,

"Was there a lot of man love?"

Since it has been mentioned numerous times on this site that I suck, and I oftentimes say the wrong thing, what I MEANT to say to my father, what I was trying to inquire, was whether or not the men bonded more without the fear of the fluffy, often times insane prowess of women lurking in the hallways. You know, the gggrrrr stuff that men usually obtain thru football, poker and drinking or a mixture of the 3.

I thought LP was going to fall over he was laughing so hard.

THIS, the same guy that told my MOTHER, June Cleaver personified, that he played the SKIN flute in his high school band.

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