Thursday, June 02, 2005

Error Proof

Yesterday I took the girls to Subway for a bite to eat. Upon walking back to the car, I saw an EPT stick lying in the parking lot. Having had experience with pregnancy tests in the past, I could not supress my urge to go and see what the results were. (and I had an immediate sense of having to pee)

Well the results were negative. So the question remains, how did a used EPT test stick end up lying in the parking lot of Subway?

Those subs are fresh. They're delicious. Their new slogan should be, "They're so delicious you won't even need to know what your pregnancy test results are. They're THAT GOOD."


Endeldorf said...

That subway comment caught me right at the right moments, thanks needed that laugh!

Vajana said...

I read somewhere today that kids laugh like 100 times a day as opposed to an adult's 14 times. so let's break the curve!

Crazy Daze Tees said...

Love your sense of humor!