Monday, February 04, 2008

trying to shut me out

This trip report is taking much longer than anticipated, and I just read somewhere that some scientist has determined through research that 100% of what we do ends up taking longer than what we anticipated.

I bet that research took him a long time to determine that.

Anyway. We got Uverse installed yesterday and, although in the long run looks to be a wonderful source of joy for me, has totally screwed up our computer. It's running like it did on dial-up 10 years ago. I'm using my work computer to type this. Which leads me to believe it's the computer that has the problem, not the Uverse.

It is quite a scene though. One of my 'rules' when we got married was NO television in the bedroom. I just always felt that our bedroom should be our sanctuary, the place for serious discussion, life decision making, other-things-making, you know. So when we discussed getting Uverse (probably in our bedroom), I told LP I was ready to make the leap. It's been 11 years and I think we can break down and get the TV in our bedroom.

I was just sick of falling asleep in the den.

Now we have it, and this brings the total to 3 TVs now. Which basically means the girls can watch their Disney channel fodder downstairs, LP watches football in the den and me...I get to watch chick flicks all the live long day. TV. Such a family bonding experience.

So while I'm thoroughly enjoying the Uverse television aspect, the high-speed internet part has yet to be figured out. Once it is though, I will get through the rest of this report!!!

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