Monday, February 25, 2008

February, or as I like to call it, Depressyouary

Every February is the same, I get the serious blues. Nothing in particular, but just about anything can set me off in a downward spiral of mopiness. I've been on a regular workout schedule now though since New Year's and it is definitely helping, well, at least helping me not to stick my head in the microwave, but I am still contemplating say, the toaster.

LP is really pushing the Atlanta move. He is ready to get outta the Midwest. I can't say I disagree, I mean, we've both lived here all our lives and we neither one say to people, 'oh, it's great you should move here'. Because you shouldn't. It's dirty, boring, and I drive 3 hours in any direction and I'm on a farm. Plus the weather is atrocious and I am 100% sure attributes every year to my February blahs. It was 14 frickin' degrees out there this weekend people. That is not cheery weather. And did I mention we're near the once notorious "Murder capital of the U.S." East St. Louis? And St. Louis was recently rated #3 on the "Most Stressed City in the U.S." list!


My mom and dad are here. And I adore my parents. They have made me into the neurotic mess that I am today, and there is something to be said to put that much into a crazy. It takes a lot of effort to make one as dysfunctional as myself. And I can't just up and leave them. Because they will not follow. No sir, those roots are stuck, planted and not coming up. So there lies the dilemma.


So, I need to finish up this Disney trip. After that, I might close up shop. I don't know. If we move I might start an Atlanta blog. My creative juices right now are at an all time low. I do write this for posterity and to remember my kids being young, but it is getting harder and harder to do. I'll keep you 'posted', ha ha.

Oh and one more thing. Remember the picture of LP in the convertible? Yeah, he bought it. So now he has a brand new Saab convertible. He is going out of town soon so guess who will be driving the kids around in something OTHER than a minivan? That ought to shake my blues away!!!


Okay well I will finish up Disney later. Mo is wanting to play computer.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Geez, don't move to Atlanta. They are about to run out of water and you wouldn't want to go around all thirsty and stuff....

kalki said...

I've always said February is the longest month of the year.

I would consider moving from here, too, if it weren't for the family. In our case, both sets of parents are here. Leaving seems an impossibility.

But don't go, blogwise! I would miss you.

Vajana said...

Hoss: I know about the water. And water is pretty important, from what I've heard.

Kalki: I know, those darn families holding us back! LP has all his family here too, but he is not quite as close to them as I am to mine.

I think it's just February causing me to be so down in the dumps!