Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Hearts and all that junk

I'm really fighting this head cold, and Al has gotten it too, but looks to feel worse than all of us. Today I signed up for their Valentine's Day party so I will have take a shower today. Darnit! I was hoping for a day off of cleanliness.

I think we're going to go get sushi tonight. Around here, sushi places are the only place you can go on Valentine's Day without a reservation. Either that or McDonald's.

I didn't get LP anything for our anniversary this year except an appointment to test drive a car. He is in desperate need for a new car. But desperate to him means something else, i.e., he's driven a POS for 11 years so now it's time to splurge. I do not agree with this mentality, but in all fairness he rocks my world so I made an appointment for him to go test drive his dream car...a Saab convertible. When I called the woman said, "So you'd like to purchase a car for your husband for Valentine's day?" Oh, yes, that's right, let me just write you a check!

LP got me a watch for our anniversary. I love it. He bought it for me in Disney World so i could remember 'my time' at Disney. Har de har har. I guess they only sell them on Disney property because I cannot find a picture anywhere.

So here is a moral quandry for you.

Al has a very good friend H who goes to a different school. Last year she went to camp for a week, and when she returned begged Al to go with her this year. I agreed. So she and H have been planning this since June of last year to go together, and H and Al got about 5 other girls to go too. There are a few girls H asked that Al does not know very well, but who are very good friends with H. Now then, there are 8 girls to a cabin, and they got 8 altogether.

Last WEEK, a friend of mine who has a daughter in Al's class, called me to find out because all of sudden her daughter has decided she wants to go to camp. So I told her I THOUGHT there were already 8 but she might want to call one of the other moms. Well, the other mom felt obligated to allow her to send her stuff in with ours, even though this would break up all the girls who had previously signed up. So, this mom sends an email to the mom explaining her daughter would cause the other girls to split up and is there any way her daughter could find more girls to go with since our girls had already planned to go together?

Well, this sent my friend into a tizzy and is now not letting her daughter go at all.

So what would be the logical answer to this? Should we make the girls who had planned on going all along split up to accomodate the last girl? Or should the last girl be required to find more girls to go with in another cabin (but the same unit).

These are the problems I have to deal with on a regular basis as a Soccer Mom. It sucks.

Well, Miss M, who will now be referred to as Mo, is too quiet, so I must find out what she is doing.


kalki said...

Early bird gets the worm, b*tch. That's what I would say. Only maybe not the b*tch part since she is your friend. It just sounded spunkier with a curse word, is all.

Bente said...

Hmmm, while I don't feel bad for the Mom because she really should have made her decision earlier I do feel for the kid. Is it out of the question for the girls to go with four in one and five in the other, but try and find more friends to join in the meantime?

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Maybe ask the camp if just this once they can put 9 in a unit? Barring that, I got no answer for fear of being wrong, as I am, often.

Vajana said...

Kalki: Yes, that is my thought. And probably quite appropriate, knowing this particular 'friend'.

Bente: It's one of those things where one girl can't be separated from one, who can't be separated from another, who can't be...etc. etc. They are a band of brothers, who will probably hate each other by the end of the camp week! HA!

Hoss: Well, see, you're a man, and in my experience, this is totally a 'woman' issue. Men just say f*ck it and go watch TV.

shellibells said...

Everyone under the sun is sick,so it seems. hope youre feeling well soon!