Thursday, February 28, 2008

Crazy few days

What a rollercoaster of a few days! My great aunt died last night, and I'd love to do a post on her but I realized I have no pictures of her, and believe me, you'd have to see her. She was a pretty cool lady.

Also my Rug has been diagnosed with GERD, or gastroesphageal reflux disease. She constantly is having bouts of throwing up, out of nowhere, and then she'd be fine. So yesterday we were driving to school and she had me stop the car so she could puke. I took her to the doctor, and now she is on Zantac twice a day. Oh the fun.

Mo is testing the limits. We are in that zone of the child rearing process. Yesterday she got stuck in the cat's little tunnel/sleeping area. She loves to scream and pull hair when she does not get her way. It's a great time.

My other two were already talking a lot by this time, she is just lazy I guess. She signs easily and understands what we're saying, but the only things she will say are "Meow" (it's been 6 months now, she says it consistently to any and every animal we come across.), "Da-Da" (any human being) and "SpongeBob" (Bob-Bob) which, is in reality, the only thing she knows for sure and will point him out everywhere. Thank goodness for merchandising. It's helping my daughter's vocabulary.

I've not missed a workout in three weeks and I'm very proud of this fact. LP and I have made a HUGE bet, and if I can win, I will be the happiest girl on Earth at the Happiest PLACE on earth. Can you believe that? I made a bet that involves Disney. That is just ridiculous. Anyway, once I've lost a certain # of poundages, I will let you in on the bet. It's fantastic. To me, anyway.

Did anyone catch Rick Springfield on Oprah the other day? I do not watch Oprah, and i only heard about it right before it started (one of my friends called) but I was already knee deep in my workout and didn't want to stop. I know! You'd think Rick had more control over me than that. Don't worry, his songs are on my iPod so it's not like I have completely lost my mind, right? He's still my #1.


The Kept Woman said...

Oh man, I'm sorry to hear about your aunt.

Congrats to you on not missing a workout in three weeks...THAT is truly comendable!!!

kalki said...

Thinking of you....