Monday, February 11, 2008


Not sure if any of you had heard about the shootings in Kirkwood (a suburb of St. Louis) this past week. It was pretty awful. The mood around always changes when something like that happens. You always have to wonder why and what could possibly send someone to such a desperate measure. I certainly feel for the victims and families of all those affected.

Last night, LP got tickets to see Kathy Griffin at the Fox theater. We had good seats and it was a sold out show. Kathy started the show by stating that one of the journalists who was at the shooting and had been SHOT was in the audience watching her show. She made him stand up and the crowd gave him an ovation. It was pretty touching.

Then she went on to talk about Britney's va-jajay, but that's how she rolls.

Will resume the oh-so-exciting Disney recap later. I've got sick kids in da house.

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