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Jana say Disney: Day 6 Epcot Con't.

Holy moley I should go see a doctor. Can't seem to shake this thing. My lungs feel like someone is gripping them tightly and my nose runs like the Mississippi. Yet I have the strength and courage to continue to blog...ah, the sacrifices I make.

And I gave up cursing for Lent. I may not seem to curse a lot on this blog, but in my real life I'm a sailor. A dirty sailor, at that. It's been very difficult for me to stop calling people a$$hats. There's just so many of them!


Day 6 continued...will I ever finish this thing?

We arrived back into Future World and Al got some more pressed pennies and I became the Official babysitter of the Monchichis. Did I mention how much I hate stuffed animals? Egads. Off to Soarin'. LP stayed back with Mo, amongst a very large and very vocal Brazilian tour group.

While we were in line for Soarin' a man in line behind me gave me his fast passes for Test Track. This would help, as our FPs weren't until later, and the ones he gave us were earlier in time. That meant less time in Future World, more time back at World Showcase! Woot! We were happy to see Putty from Seinfeld was our host for Soarin', and we were in the 3rd row of the ride. Note: Never, ever get on the 3rd row. I don't know if it was all the hype of this ride, but Al, Rug and I ALL conceded that this was our LEAST favorite ride of the whole trip. Not sure, it just reminded me of the old "Chevy Show" that used to play at Six Flags. It was cool when you flew over the pine trees you could smell pine, but I must've been directly under the thing that pumped out the smell, because it really stunk. Al was being all snarky, oh wow, we're flying woo hoo sort of thing. When we got off neither one of them wanted to ride again, so we gave our Child Swaps to someone else. LP was not disappointed as he was more excited about riding Test Track.

We headed to Test Track and as I sat and waited for them to go first, the fountains near the Spaceship Earth were dancing similar to the Bellagio. It was gorgeous. I swear every time they rode a ride, I found some 'secret' Disney thing to enjoy.

Test Track is sponsored by GM so of course there was a show room of GM cars. And guess what was there? The SAAB convertible LP has been lusting over for a year now. So I sprawled all over it as he was walking off the ride. I'm surprised he didn't jump on me like David Coverdale on Tawny Kitaen in that Whitesnake video.

Please note, this picture will come in handy in a future post. Remember, for Valentine's Day I got him a test drive in this car--theres a story there!

After he was done drooling I took the girls back on Test Track. The idea is that you are one of the 'test dummies' in the test car and you get to go over several of the tests they give the car, bad road conditions, cold and hot conditions, hairpin turns...getting hit by a was a good time.

I told LP we'd meet him at Club Cool. I'd read about it on my website, basically it's just a big advertisement for Coca Cola. There are several samples of Coca Cola products made around the country. Apparently there is one called the "Beverly" that is so awful, it causes many to lose their lunch. Of course I didn't tell them this. But I had my camera ready.

Riley drinking the Beverly:

And Alex:

The faces say it all. It was disgusting!

We rode a Nemo ride for Mo and we headed back to World Showcase, starting with Mexico. We ate churros and I think that's it because someone needed to use the restroom and apparently there weren't any?

So while whoever was going to the bathroom at Norway, I went and grabbed a lefse and something to drink. I remember my ex-boyfriend, who was 100% Norwegian, talking about lefse and how good it was. Oh boy, was he wrong. Like I ever trusted him in the first place. Blech.
Norway: (this is NOT my ex-boyfriend, but if looks matched his personality it would be)

We traveled to China and everyone got egg rolls and pot stickers. The Chinese shop was really fun to visit, and the CM at the "Kidcot" table (for their masks) was very entertaining to the girls and wrote their names in Chinese on their masks. It was already getting dark so we weren't able to see much.
I was a bit worried about this PhotoPass photographer, he was making the family before us pose in all these ridiculous positions, hey I'm all for fun but just take the darn picture could ya? This is not Glamour Shots.

Next up was Germany which was very excited to visit, being 90% German and all. We weren't able to hear all the Oktoberfest music, but we did sit down and have bratwurst and LP had his weight in sauerkraut. Mo really wanted to walk around here. The whole pavillion reminded me of my Grandma's with the cuckoo clocks and the smell of German food. Being German we always have a pickle on our Christmas tree. I don not however, have a pickle TREE:

These Disney pickles were $11 apiece. I got mine at Kohl's for 90 cents last year.
After Germany was Italy and LP was feeling amorous, only because, you guessed it, more soccer jerseys. He never bought one though. We didn't eat in Italy, I think because the only restaurants were sit down. We also had a Monchichi incident where Rug left hers in one of the gift shops. Luckily he was still sitting there, looking all Monchichi'd out.
Next stop was America. The girls did some pin trading and I got yelled at for trying to take my beer into the Pavillion. Whoops! But isn't that what America is about? Being able to drink my beer wherever I so please, right? I didn't have a wifebeater on, so I guess that made my ineligible. The pavillion was really neat, they even had some Abraham Lincoln memorabilia. I didn't get good pics though, and Mo really enjoyed the shrub garden maze. The garden was beautiful, with roses named after presidents.

After grabbing some sushi in Japan (I had to have SOME, even if it was just counter service) we headed to Canada to plant our butts to get a seat for the fireworks. I waited in a very long line to get a really delicious bag of popcorn. The fireworks started and immediately Mo started screaming. So off we went, ending our day at Epcot. (The fireworks were spectacular though!!)

Next up: Magic Kingdom with Mo and Who Got Their First Haircut At Disney World?

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