Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jana Say Disney: Day Five and the Pirate/Princess Party

Well it's official, I got whatever my kids had. blah. At least I've gotten better sleep, last week was awful with the cranky kids and puking everywhere. I really don't feel like working today so I'd rather think Disney! Woot, I'm a Tigger today, not an Eeyore!

Continuing on...

We left AK around 3 and went back to our hotel to clean up and get our pirate gear on. I was very pleased that Rug wanted to wear the Elizabeth Swann costume, I thought she might've been reluctant. Even Al, my 'tween' wore her pirate hat, even for a little while. It was off by the time we hit the park.

Miss M was going to be spending the night at LP's mom and stepdad's bungalow, so we dropped her off and she was thrilled to have room to roam! That is definitely something to consider next time...the All Star Sports was just too little for all of us. Maybe we'll do half on Disney, half off. I was terribly jealous of their garden tub and the view they had of the MK fireworks. (and they had a Sizzler! Who can resist that?)

It seriously takes a half an hour to get to Magic Kingdom. It's such a pain. We drove, so we had to park, get the shuttle to the Ticket center, walk to the Monorail, wait for that and then it took us to MK. It sounds much easier than it was, trust me. We sat by a younger woman with her daughter who was around 5. We struck up a conversation, and it looked like they had planned this as a once in a lifetime trip to take. How exciting! I was also surprised at how FEW princesses there were...it was all pirate girls. I guess the princesses can't stay past midnight...

Once we got off of the monorail, it was pretty obvious that everyone was leaving the park and not entering. This was when I had the butterflies in my stomach...not the ones when you're excited because you think you're going to have fun...these were the butterflies that told me i KNEW we would...that this would be a fantastic memory.

The people entering the P&P party went to the right, and there was a red carpet laid out as they handed us our treasure bags and maps. The corridor was smoky and very ominous. It was almost like walking the plank!

The atmosphere was so incredible. They had red covers on most of the lights and projected skull and crossbones on the sidewalks. We walked down Main Street with very few people in front of us. The park was closed to anyone who did not have a P&P party ticket. It was amazing.

I had tried to get reservations for dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern but they were booked solid, so I figured we'd just grab a bite somewhere in MK. We ended up eating VERY expensive hot dogs at Casey's. We were the only ones sitting outside on the patio, and got to be entertained by a show Mickey was giving in front of the castle.

I knew Captain Jack would be in Adventureland, so we headed that way. Just as we entered, we saw a line forming, and I asked the woman last in line what it was for. "This is the line for Jack Sparrow meet and greet!" Well, needless to say we immediately got in line!

The line started moving instantly. We were led into a building, with Pirate music in the background, and we weaved our way past different scenes from the movie, including the island Jack escaped from on a sea turtle:

They led us into a room, and shut the door. We were the last of the group that was allowed into to see Jack, so we basically had him all to ourselves (menacing laugh...) And then Rug...she went right up to him...and did NOTHING! Said, NOTHING! She later said she was so nervous she froze.

I sent this picture to a friend of mine and they thought Jack was a wax figure! Not at all! He was SPOT on Jack Sparrow, talked and acted just like him. Rug was convinced it was Johnny Depp. "Mom, I know it is! Nobody could be that good!" Oh, be he was. We were all star struck.

When we walked out, Rug had to immediately call her grandma to tell her about it. She was walking on clouds for the rest of the night!

In Adventureland, we started hitting some of the 'treasure spots' marked with an X but they were just beads and plastic jewels, so they girls quickly lost interest in waiting in line for them (candy might've kept their interest I think!)

Next we waited in line to see the Genie and Abu from Aladdin. There was some crazy German girl who asked me if she could cut in front of me because she didn't have a bracelet and was leaving for Germany tomorrow and just HAD to get a picture of the Genie. Whatever, I said, I could barely understand her and who was I to deny some loony girl a picture of a big blue cartoon. The Genie was hilarious, really messing with the girls, and he took Al's autograph book and would NOT give it back, causing Al to lose it with uncontrollable giggling, and causing some guy in line to lose it as well, "Enough playing around Genie," he said, "move it along!" I wonder if he'd gotten a cheeseburger at the soccer tournament that weekend....

We rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride twice in a row (Rug might be smart about the movie, but she didn't even realize it was based on the RIDE) and found Captain Hook and Mr. Smee waiting outside for us. Mr. Smee was quite smitten with Rug...well, actually he was trying to steal her very valuable skeleton ring!

Aye, I hate to break this up even more but Miss M continues to turn off the computer while I'm trying to do this, so I will finish later!

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