Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jana Say Disney: Day 3 but just the first half.

LP gave me some of the pictures from our trip, however they were from the END of the trip and not of this day, so I know you are waiting with baited breath, but the rest of the day will just have to wait. Que sera sera.

We woke up Saturday morning feeling pretty rough. Miss M did NOT like the Pack and Play, in fact, she was adamantly protesting against it. Two double beds and five people do not make a comfortable situation, especially for Mom, who gets to get up with the baby at all hours of the night. Plus, Miss M is a horizontal sleeper, so I had baby feet jabbing me in the ribs on a regular basis.

Of course Mom was up first, because, since I got no sleep, why not just get up and stay up? Right. Well I took a shower and used my special Mickey Mouse soap (read: could be confused with liquid plumber) to try to seep Disney into every pore I have.

The kids finally woke up, and we all went to the "End Zone" which is the All Star Sports version of a crowded food court. Total for breakfast: $60. No, I'm NOT kidding. But to be fair, we bought the Refillable Mugs that are supposed to be refillable for free the rest of the time you're there on the resort. WE NEVER USED THEM. As a matter of fact, as we were driving out of the resort on our last day, I made LP stop by the food court for the sole purpose of filling my mug up at least one more time. SO I COULD FEEL JUSTIFIED IN PURCHASING A $13 MUG!!! (we used the heck out of them our last trip, I must say, and felt like this was a travesty that by golly, we did not get our fair share of SODA).

After eating breakfast (in case Hoss is still here: I had a croissant with egg, LP had biscuits and gravy, and the girls both had the "Kids Mickey breakfast special" which I think consisted of eggs, bacon and biscuits. All for $7.49) and getting the pressed penny from the arcade (Al collects them), we went back to our hotel room and waited. Some of the cheerleaders were practicing so we watched them for a little bit. Then we met up with our coach and their family and we all drove together in our van to the Wide World of Sports. They parked us somewhere in Key West. The weather was iffy, and I kept complaining to LP that I wanted it to be warmer. By the end of the day it had almost hit 90, so I got my wish. I should work for the weather channel.

Next up: The Soccer Incident, also known as, Wow, let's get out of here, these people have truly lost it.


Sacrifice to the Lego Dinosaur

My children get along really well.


Old Horsetail Snake said...

No croissants. Made entirely of butter. Will make you swell up like a manatee.

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