Sunday, March 02, 2008

Parenting Chapter 4

I believe someone took the chapter "How to Teach your Child About the Unfairness of Life" out of my handbook and burned it.

I'm at a loss. My daughter's heart broke yesterday and I can't fix it. I can only dilude her with bad aphorisms and terrible cliches. My biggest hope is she can pick herself up by those gorgeous ears and move forward. Oh, this parenting this is such a roller coaster.

I will be headed to Dixon, Illinois today for my great aunt's funeral. Dixon is the Birthplace or Home place or whatever of Ronald Reagan. My grandmother grew up there and was once rescued by Ronnie himself as she was a bad swimmer and he was a lifeguard.

And for the record, yes, it was me who put the first scratch on LP's new car. I'm like the anti-King Midas. I touch something and it turns to mold!

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Random and Odd said...

*hug* I know man, it's friggin' heart breaking when someone hurts our babies. Now you understand the 500 posts about the girls and the mean things people do to them and how it's the most powerful posts for me. I am fired up and crazy mad.

*HUG* you'll be okay.