Wednesday, March 29, 2006

You're Beautiful

I guess I will be spending much of this week getting THAT song out of my head.

Last week was spent consoling my 8 year old for she did not win the "High School Musical Lunch takeover" from Radio Disney. 'But Mom, I entered the code word EVERY SINGLE DAY!' It is a shame that a company so dear to her heart can be the teacher of such a life lesson, i.e. even Radio Disney can screw you over.

Well I had some very good answers for the trivia, and as I said, I knew Mrtl would get the brown sugar question. She is all about the baking, that lady. But I shall not say I'd love to try one of her pies, because that would just be...uh...wrong.

Anyway. Amy was correct, the VW Beetle was the most sold car in the 50s and 60s. Too bad one of those same cars drove me to high school every day via my neighbor, as their heating mechanism tends to fail over time, and DAMN it is cold in St. Louis in the winters!!

Elvis' favorite drink was PEPSI, or so the official drink of Graceland so claims. I thought it was going to be something like sasparilla or hootch or something. Needless to say the Elvis category was not one of my best.

Molasses to brown sugar. Yes! in my best Ed McMahon voice.

The Flintstones apparently used CLAMS for money, hence the nickname. Our final guess was turtles, because I honestly could not recall them EVER paying for anything. I thought they just bartered. And they were in the Royal order of the Water Buffalos, so didn't they get free stuff?

I am saddened to say one of my favorite blog haunts, debutant, has decided to close up shop for awhile, hopefully only temporarily. For whatever reasons I can certainly respect her decision, but she was a daily inspiration for me and will be missed. Hopefully I can try to continue using her wisdom and motivation for my own blogging and use her strength as hope for my own life.

***** And in weather news, it's supposed to be in the 60s this week so I doubt you will see me too much! I need to go outside and get some sunrays!!******


Circus Kelli said...

You have sun down there? There's nothing but cloud cover upstate. I'm totally moving.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

And it would be okay to go in your 1959 VW, one of which I owned.

The Kept Woman said...


I'm like just now getting out from under my did I miss that last Friday?

Congrats to you and what a relief that the girls are excited!

Adrienne said...

Doooood! I bought a VW Beetle in 1997 and drove it for over 7 years. In northern Minnesota. I LOVED it. The heat was so nice and hot, and it was the only car that didnt' need to be started every half-hour when the temps were in the 40-belows (due to lack of radiator). I loved it - it was a 73. I had to sell it last year when I had to buy a truck to move across the country.