Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What happen on Nyquil cannot be explained

I have documented on numerous occasions my inability to tolerate anything with caffeine in it. I am also a person who does not do medication well. Advil is probably about the only medicine I can take without becoming the frigging Trix rabbit totally feening for some colored flavored cereal. But with the sickness I have had the last few days, the all-over chills and sweat chills were about to drive me insane. I had to take something, otherwise melt into a giant glob of influenza nastiness. The damn Vicks vapor inhaler just was not cutting it, even though I had become acutely addicted.

LP insisted I buy some Nyquil for himself, as he is normally a pretty good sleeper but I guess he felt he needed to hibernate sleep so he took some Monday night and slept hard. I, on the other hand, stayed on the couch and watched "Play Misty for Me" in the wee hours of the morning. (**ooh have you seen this movie? I loved how Clint Eastwood just has these faces, you know?**) Only to wake up miserable and downright crabby yesterday. And I quote my oldest daughter, "Mommy, you are way super crabby."

So last night, I figured, what do I have to lose, I feel like crap already, what's more jitters going to hurt? I took just a teaspoon of Nyquil right before bed and put on my kerchief and cap for a long winter's sleep...when from out on the lawn arose such a wait, wrong story.

The sleeping!!!!! It was marvelous. I woke up this morning at 6:22 a.m., rested and feeling much better, albeit with a slight 'hangover' type headache that has not gone away completely yet, but enough where I can tolerate that and not have to think about all the clogged up-ness of my sinuses.

Mostly though, the dreams were totally and indubitably the best part of taking Nyquil. Now, I don't know if you are a regular Nyquil user that the dreams become so vivid, but since I have not taken a sip of Nyquil since 1991, the dreams might have been a tad bit more hallucinogetic.

Dream sequence #1:

Terrorists had struck, but this time they did it by lighting a giant Sparkler in downtown NYC and were bastardizing the Star Spangled Banner using messed up words. Sort of like what Roseanne did, I guess. I was feeling bad because I thought the colors were pretty.

Dream sequence #2:

I was an FBI agent, but I was also Geena Davis in a blue-green pantsuit (*Note: Some people believe we dream in b/w and then our brain adds color when we wake you honestly think I would choose blue-green?) I was working undercover as a cop and when one of my fellow agents was wounded, who looked just like HDL, my cop superiors came to my house while I was having pork roast with my family to interrogate my about the incident. But I was Geena Davis and they trusted and respected me, so they said they were only there to cover all the bases. I was feeling guilty for leading a double life, and not telling my cop buddies the truth. There was also a train cop scene, but it'd be hard to describe.

Dream sequence #3:

Terrorists strike, again, yet this time they targeted my hometown, and they had a plan that they were going to first eradicate all Action Movie Heroes (I am so not kidding, the Nyquil I swear) and of course Arnold was first, Bruce Willis was next, and for some reason Angelina Jolie was 3rd on the list. After a big explosion, I was reunited with my husband who was BARRY MANILOW of all people, who was wearing an ascot, and when we embraced, he said, "This experience had showed me that I don't want to be married anymore." and I was all like, "Okay, Barry, whatever you want, just hold me for now."

Dream sequence #4:

LP was a foreign ambassador, and we were visiting Gaddafi (it was like the Celebrity Dream Night or something!) and through a mixup had us staying at a Best Western, even though we went to all these formal balls, and were all dressed up, eating the continental breakfast in eveningwear. He was very friendly though, and generous. There was a water park in the back, and we went and I almost lost Rug. LP went to complain to the owners that the water park was substandard.

Final dream:

I was getting ready to renew my vows with LP and I had my dress on and was looking so fancy but my hair would not stay in the bobby pins and it was driving me crazy, but I was so happy that I was not pregnant, like I was the first time we got married!!!

So, in conclusion, I got a great night of sleeping, some wild dreamin', and definitely confirming Hoss's statement that blogging is best when you are NOT feeling normal. I can only imagine what TWO teaspoons of that green concoction would have done to me!


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well, a TWO-teaspooned Nyquil dream is way worse: You become a crocodile with allergic reactions to water, so you have to sit on the riverbank and slowly rot from the effects of sunburn. You usually wake up before you die, but not always. So it is good to have a reincarnation plan in mind.

Circus Kelli said...

LOL -- That's great, Jana -- I can't take Nyquil anymore, I can't sleep when I take it. I used to be able to, but not anymore.

Those are some very interesting dreams! I (of course) LOVE the Barry Manilow one! Hee!

I really hope you're feeling better soon, Jana! Take care.

sullen girl said...

LMAO over Geena Davis and Barry Manilow HAHAHAHAHA! You're dreams are hysterical! Blue green pantsuit?? WTF?!?! Hahahaha!

Hmmmmm... A new commercial perhaps.....

"Nyquil... better than acid."

I'm really a light-weight when it comes to meds too. I always try to go without unles I absolutely cannot stand it any longer. I take my hubby's Nyquil in desperation and it is completely narcotic on me and seems to stay in my system for a VERY long time. Working, driving, writing, walking.... they're pretty much all out of the question when I'm in a cold medicine stupor.

dashababy said...

Oh my goodness! I love hearing about peoples dreams, I think they are fascinating. My fav was #2 I think. LOL. Barry Manilow??? I have crazy dreams like this all the time with no drugs but I did take some Nyquil last month when I had the flu and yes I did have some doozies.
I'm glad you remembered it well enough to share it with us. Funny stuff.
Oh, btw, last night I dreamt that I had these big black facial hairs and I was trying to pluck them out. Seriously BIG THICK hairs. Gross!