Monday, March 13, 2006

On Hiatus

I realize I have not blogged in over a week, and it is not due to some catastrophic illness or project due at the end of the week; granted, I've been pretty busy but not enough to excuse my blogging slack-ness.

It just seems every few months or so I have to STEP BACK from blogging, otherwise it completely takes over my day. If I get started on my blog, and then continually check it and follow links, etc. well, as you probably know I end up looking at the clock and realize 2 hours has gone by.

I've just got to re-focus is all.

And the weather has been super nice! Rug and I went out several times andI used my regular Minolta camera to take pictures! And I took them to the store and got them developed! They turned out great, but I don't have a scanner so you won't see them. And that's okay.

A friend of mine came over last week. She is very cool, but has only been using email for around 2 months, so that tells you how techno-savvy she is. Anyway, she asked about blogging, and I told her I had one, and she wanted to see it. See it?!?!

The only person I have told about my blog whom I see on a daily basis is my husband. The rest of my readers who 'know' me in real life live far away from me. This way, if I say something stupid, I don't feel like someone is going to call me on it (except for Jimmy, but he never writes anyway so no worries there).

But to have someone from my circle of friends reading my blog, hmm, I don't know about that one. We shall see what transpires.

So, that is it. Just taking a blogging break, I've done it before, I'm sure I'll do it again.

And one last note: I got a kickass new dancepad for my DDR!!! IT's so cool!!!

Okay, later.

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Happy Holidays!