Sunday, March 26, 2006


Thanks to everyone who stopped by to congratulate me on my 'secret'. It is really strange to me that I am pregnant again, my kids are 8 and 6, it's been awhile! I hemmed and hawed about it for years, LP has been begging me since Rug was a baby to have another one. She took a lot out of me, and, I just couldn't see how we could have one more. But, we are! And I am so glad I can share all the great boring details of my pregnancy with YOU. :)

The first time I was preggers, I was too busy thinking about getting married, and getting settled, and the second time we were moving into a new house, and I got a new job, it was chaotic. This time, I should be able to enjoy it more, and relax. But I think I'm more neurotic than ever! Imagine that!

Last week was exhausting for me. Working until 9 or so at night transcribing, I was beat. Down. Men will never understand the 'fatigue' part of pregnancy. It's not like we're just a little tired and need to rest our wee little heads. It's collapsing, I cannot take another step fatigue. I made the beds and cleaned up the kitchen this morning and that required a 20 minute rest!

So here's my Monday tangent: I wanted to wait until Friday to tell my girls the news, because that is when I go to my first doctor's visit. I am a little leery about telling such news that may have not so good outcomes. Anyway, I was giving LP a real hard time about it, because he wanted to shout it out with a megaphone, and I wanted it kept quiet, and then...Boom goes the Dynamite, I let it slip Thursday night at dinner. The girls were ELATED. They screamed, they clapped, they..did not ask any uncomfortable questions. (YET)

Having had told them, I thought it was appropriate to just go ahead and spread the word. I told 3 of my very good friends, and then later at the soccer games I told the grandparents.

I do NOT like being the center of attention EVER, so I did not tell anyone else.

Today, at Al's soccer game, LP told some of the dads when we arrived, and later on, Rug came over to ask me how I was feeling, and that the baby was probably as big as 'sushi' right now. Well, one of my other Soccer Mom friends was extremely miffed that I had not told her right away about the information. I mean, not ha ha, I'm mad at you. NOT talking to me mad at me. She could not believe I had not told her yet. Well, I was just like, whatever, be mad. I am not about to let someone take away my excitement and make me feel less because they were not the right number on a pecking order. Whatev, I didn't care.

What bothered me was that she went over and told EVERYONE ELSE, "Uh, just so YOU know, and aren't the LAST to know like I was, but Jana is pregnant." Just.Like. That.

Yeah, way out of line, and really, totally weird, right? Who gives a shit about what I do anyway? I'm just a girl, a girl in the world. Give me a break!

Yes. I am done.

On a much brighter note, my parents, my dad's cousins, LP and I won 2nd place at a trivia night last night! Woo hoo! That useless information I store so delicately in my mind finally had some pay off. Well, okay, we basically broke even, but still! 2nd place! And the categories, totally written for me: Cardinals Baseball, TV cartoons, Movie Clips, Name Brands/Logos, TV sitcom theme songs. Yeah, I completely swept the cartoon category. Too bad there wasn't a "Muppet" category, we'd of won 1st for sure!

So here were a few questions we got right, see if you can answer them:

1. What was the most popular vehicle make/model sold worldwide in the 50s and 60s?

2. What was Elvis' favorite soft drink?

3. What do you add to sugar to get brown sugar?

4. What did the Flintstones use for money?

Good luck!!! (* Okay, I lied, we totally got #4 wrong. WTF? I just remember the washing machine and the typewriter!)


Circus Kelli said...

First off... the Soccer Mom -- ISSUES! Pfft. Fah-get about her.

Secondly, congrats on the 2nd place trivia thing! Wooo!

1. Chevy Impala (total guess)

2. Blue Hawaiians? (heh)

3. Uh, "brown"? Or NOTHING! It's brown to begin with, iddin it?

4. Stones?

Amy said...

1. volkswagen?
2. Coca cola and something...
3. caramel color?
4. hmmm, rocks?

Vajana said...

oh, a hint on the is a CREATURE. (I totally guessed rocks)

mrtl said...

3. molasses - it's kept in instead of being taken out when refining

just using my noggin (this was on there the other day)

Screw that bitter, "I'm the center of your universe" beeyotch.

Vajana said...

Ha, I KNEW it would be MRTL who would know that answer.

You should have your own cookin' show, ya know it?

Molasses is correct, and we put 'maple syrup' and they still gave it to us, dummies!

Random and Odd said...


You're catching up with me...just two more!!

he ehee.....