Monday, March 20, 2006

Dear Diary:

This post is strictly for my own posterity.

Wednesday: Sandy came over, complained and complained about everything. I feel so badly for her. I want her to be happy.

Thursday: You know what happened on this day. You know.

Friday: LP totally broke a promise. I sulked. We also had dinner with T & J, but not really. It was weird.

Saturday: Rug scored a goal on her new soccer team, she is playing up a year and she did great. I am so proud of her. Went to Pizza Man for lunch. Played DDR, of course.

Sunday: Tried to match all of the white socks in the house with its respective matching sock. I still came out with about 12 socks with a mate. Where do they go.

I made the girls watch "Clash of the Titans" before they went and bastardized it with a remake. Not that anyone would really bother with it. Ah, but the Kraken, he just ROCKS.

It is supposed to snow tonight. It's March already! i want spring!!


OldHorsetailSnake said...

I think you need a re-run on this post.

Start over: "Well, it is March, and the weather is turning so nice.

"Everybody here is so happy and light and gay and lovely.

"How's by you?"

Amy said...

Great snowman pic! That is PERFECT for the first day of spring.

I think your unmatching socks and my unmatching socks should get together and make twins.

Vajana said...

no, that would be a remake, and as I explained earlier, remakes are usually just BAD.

I just needed that post for myself, it worked quite nicely.

Amy: If our unmatched socks got together, all they would do would be complain and try to find a shoe to go hide in. There would be no multiplying.

mrtl said...

What's up with the green nose on the snowman?

Circus Kelli said...

Waaaahhh! I want SPRING, too!

You and I should get together and drink spiked cocoa by the fire, Jana...

Vajana said...

Mrtl: it's supposed to be Spring. It's a political statement, green nose = spring. He's rallying against Mother Nature. Sacrificing himself for warm weather.

CK: The key word is SPIKED. I'm all about it, let me tell you.

The Kept Woman said...

Yes, I would like to second your outcry about the snow in March.

I'm demanding a recount, or boycott or something, just anything so I can wear my flip-flops.

AL said...

That picture is "killing me"! How true...some days I feel that way, too.