Thursday, March 02, 2006


Welcome to the March 3 2006 edition of SPF, brought to us always by Kristine who has since moved but I have yet to figure out how to get her blogroll link fixed, so we'll get to that later.

*My Favorite pair of Jeans.

Well, right now they'd be any pair that will fit me at this point. I used to be a hardcore Old Navy jeans fan, but then they started falling apart on me, so I became a bornagain Levi-Strauss-ithan.

*My birthmarks/Moles/Freckles
I do not have any birthmarks, but I have had these two freckles under my eyes since I was about five years old. My daughter used to trace them with her fingers when I carried her around. This is also a gratuitous shot of my diamond earrings. And yes I am once again wearing a grey sweatshirt, why do you ask?

*My photo albums/scrapbooks
Here are where a few of my albums are, right next to me at all times at my computer desk. The rest of them are in the basement, which is a pretty bad place for them really, you know, what with flooding and fires and the wrath of the basement Gods and all. Please, do notice the David Beckham book there. And I do have a lot a lot of pics still on my hard drive, anxiously awaiting to be printed.

*Extra picture for fun

You really truly didn't believe that I would be dumb enough to set my purse on fire right? Well let me tell you, if this picture doesn't prove to you my blonde-worthiness, what does?

All I can remember is that I kept thinking my drink was going to get spilled or knocked over, so I kept pushing it and pushing it...inadvertantly pushing my purse directly into a candle. There were 3 of us sitting there, and not a one of us smelled the burning...a guy from ACROSS THE ROOM smelled it and came over, it was only then that we realized my purse was on fire. And, to add insult to injury, I thought it was a Target purse (which was tragic enough) but when I got it home, it said "Nine West" in side. OH well!!!


sullen girl said...

Mmmmmmmmm, David Beckham. NICE man meat right there baby!! :D

Thanx for sharing the purse pic... That's unfortunate... but hysterical. :)

I played too!

The Melody Censor said...

love the ffreckles...and the story of your daughter tracing them is adorable!

Sorry about the Nine West bag,,,uggg...but it's a good excuss to go shopping for a new one.

Happy SPF, I played too!

Lee said...

levis are the only true jeans ;) funny purse incident, all the more reason not to carry one ;) I played!

hemlock said...

I love that you remember your daughter tracing your freckles. Nice memory.

And yeah, perhaps bringing the albums up from the basement would be a good idea.

Sorry about your purse. That sucks.

Thanks for dropping by!

Kami said...

OMG on that purse!!!!

Nice ice in your ear!

Tammy said...

Oh. No. I cannot believe you set your purse on fire!! How funny! Even though you have a ruined purse, at least you have a good story!

Vajana said...

Daun: I knew you'd appreciate the fineness of DB!

TMC: I so miss those days.

lee: I don't usually carry one, but this particular night I did!

Leafgirl: I remember her doing it, and me thinking, "I will totally miss her doing this one day". Yep, I totally do

Kami: Yes, and LP has reminded me of that ice on a daily basis!

Tammy: Do you notice I burned my purse due to my serious concern over spilling my DRINK??

Adrienne said...

I have a purse like that, but mine IS from target... of course you would never set a cheap target purse on fire - only a spendy one is that unlucky.

I don't like old navy jeans anymore, but it's because they're all made for girls without butts these days. A butt I do have.

I played.

Cat said...

Don't ya just love Levi Jeans?

Great SPF!

thanks for stopping by!

Jana said...

You are tempting fate with leaving stuff in the basement, let me tell you! All my stuff from when I was a kid got destroyed because my parents' basement flooded. Rescue it now before it's too late!

Happy SPF from the other Jana!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Not moles. Beauty marks. Which is just telling it like it is, you pretty wench.

dashababy said...

Ha! That is hilarious. I haven't heard of anyone setting their purse on fire before. Dang and it was a nice one too.

I'm in the same boat as you righ tnow. Any jeans that fit will do. I can still get in my others but they are a little tight. Not very comfy. It's amazing what 5 pounds will do.

Amy said...

Argh! sorry bout your Nine West, hon.

A cool new name for your blog could be "The Burning Purse".