Sunday, April 02, 2006


If I had any photography skills at all, I would totally take a picture of my azalea bush I can see out my window right now. It's so pretty.

I had my first doctor appointment on Friday, actually it was with the midwife. Not sure how that all works; this is a new doctor's office as my old OB-gyn retired (who was FABULOUS). This is an all-woman office. Anyway, LP came with me, as he witnessed both children being born and ultrasounds, but never the Pap smear itself. Needless to say he was far from enthused.

LP was also off Thursday and Friday and he went on a field trip with Al on Thursday to the St. Louis Steamers game. Friday he went and was able to get up close and personal with 3rd graders while helping them paint ceramic Easter eggs. I always enjoy when he volunteers at the girls' school and is able to witness the insanity of children first hand. Always fun to get his perspective.

We saw "Ice Age 2" Friday night, that was pretty funny. And proof that original ideas do exist.

Today was a beautiful Spring day, in the 80s. Al had a soccer game, and they played much better than what they have been, won 2-0. Rug entertained herself by making dandelion bracelets, which has to be my all time favorite pasttime from my childhood, not including catching lightning bugs of course.

Not much else to report on a Sunday evening, just trying to keep on keeping on. Looking forward to watching a thunderstorm roll in and help bring May flowers.


Circus Kelli said...

We're gonna have some killer May flowers this year if this April Shower stuff keeps going the way it did this weekend.

Glad all is well, Jana. Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...
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J Bo said...

My husband has been with me during pelvic exams (at the dr's office!). He and my OB have a really great rapport and are into the same type of sporting activities- bicycling for one. Well, last I went to the doc, he had to look at my cervix as I was having some pain. As he was examining me, he and Scott were discussing engines on British race cars. Hello! I'm here in the room, too!

Anonymous said...

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